CryEngine the only 100% real time engine on the planet

Crytek blows its own trumpet over the impressive CryEngine used to power Crysis 2.

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evrfighter2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Doesn't matter how much real time it has.

Crysis 2 was a horrible way to showcase it.

I mean they built a ferrari concept and mass produced a ford taurus with a ferrari paint job.

Sony3602650d ago

You base this on..what?

Biased opinion?

MaxXAttaxX2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Well, Crysis 2 could have looked better on PC. Crytek kinda messed that up.

Now, back to what they said about being "100% real time".
They're speaking about development. Otherwise it makes very little sense.

superadvanced2649d ago

except for real time ambient occlusion. even on max settings. problem, crytek?

Bull5hifT2649d ago

Isnt Metal Gear Solid Real Time Everything?

DragonKnight2649d ago

Crytek: The developers who personify the belief that graphics can compensate for a mediocre game. They can tout their engine all they want, let's see if they have the skill to make a decent game that doesn't just rely on looking pretty.

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Christopher2650d ago

No engine is 100% real time or they're all 100% real time.

What I mean by this is that real time is instantaneous and nothing in software is instantaneous. Calculations must be made prior to any actual reaction to a character's actions.

Otherwise, the only way to look at it is that the code is processed in real time, which is the same as most engines out there.

I think they meant to say that they are the fastest as presenting actions in real time and not that they are "the only engine on the planet, including Unity and Epic, that is 100 percent real time."

In general, I would not call them the fastest, either. They base these "calculations" on closed environment demonstrations, such as the physics demos they have become known for, and not real-world applications in video games. Especially multi-player video games. Considering the need to process the graphics utilized, a lot of other games tend to have faster response time to a player's actions than CryEngine.

Christopher2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Completely serious. Tired of developers making crap up.

100% real time? Impossible. There is latency in every single game out there. It is impossible for them to claim 100% real time, meaning no latency in response to a player's actions.

Furthermore, the world they create isn't 100% real time either. They use the exact same 2D textures overlayed with 2d visual effects in the background to simulate 3D worlds as everyone else.

Their statement makes no sense.

It's like those damn commercials for those sunglasses that allow you to see the world in HD! Yeah, last time I checked, we already did that.

mttrackmaster382650d ago

What the hell? You had 10 bubbles an hour ago. What happened?

Darkfocus2650d ago

their engine is capable of pulling everything off in real time like ray tracing etc. they didn't say that they used it C2 just that the engine could do it...

CaptainPunch2650d ago

Can I have some of your bubbles?

Tachyon_Nova2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Just remember people, this person is a moderator... Mate, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about in this case, yet you have the hide to get angry at Crytek for making stuff up. Here, i'll try and explain what is meant by real time.

Originally, all lighting/shadowing was pre baked into the textures, so in other words not real time at all. All of the lighting effects where designed by artists, and werent being computed by the system.

The next step was dynamic lighting, which is where light sources directly illuminate and cast shadows. However, these systems didn't allow for light volume bounce. What I mean by this is that a light source only illuminates things in its direct line of site. Imagine a light shining through a window, with this sort of system it won't light up the whole room, only what the light hits. Thus, an artist would still have to bake into assets indirect lighting.

CryENGINE3 is currently the only available engine (although Frostbite 2 also has this ability) which features light volume bounce, allowing for indirect lighting without an artist having to bake that into a texture. This is known as GI or Global Illumination.

CryENGINE3 also does al sorts of things like defections, light shafts, light bending (such as through water or ice) in real time, almost no other engine has any of these abilities.

Real Time does not mean in no time at all, lol.

neoandrew2650d ago

Then you just don't know what real time actually means, everything is done realtime so calculated/processed in the response to player action, the world is build when you look at it, effects , shadows etc. are not pre-rendered, pre-generated.
Real time doesn't mean you have no delay, you have delay in engine response if your pc it to weak.

Christopher2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Speed definitely is a factor in real time simulations, as is the ability for processes to be completed on time and in the right order.

You should know that while they may have an engine capable of performing soft real time simulations, their games on consoles are not processed in that manner in entirety. It's highly unlikely they are all in real time even on the PC. The reason is because there isn't enough processing power to handle it and maintain a worthwhile framerate, absence of screen tearing, and similar processing issues. They even halt and ignore certain constraints in order to prioritize others, such as when there are a lot of AI elements occuring at once or an increase in particle effects. This is extremely noticeable on multiplayer, where you can see a degrade in shadow and lighting updates as they are not being fully processed in real time since those processes are often halted or skipped in performing regular updates in order to enable enough overhead for more important actions (physics is primary over lighting and particle effects).

humbleopinion2650d ago


What you and everyone else are probably missing (and I don't blame you, as the "article" is very misleading) is that Crytek was refering to game development:
Game development in Cryengine 3 is done in real time: what you see is what you get on multiple outputs simultaneously (console, PC).

With UDK (Unreal) and most other engines it's not the same: you create a level, and then before the game is rendered and ready to be played things need to compile and lighting needs to be "baked" into the scene.
Thus, for every small change an artist/designer does to the level, you need to wait for that process to complete. For rapid development this can be a real pain, and the removal of that pain is one serious advantage of Cryengine 3.

Heartnet2650d ago

Dude ur looking at it all wrong there not talking about instantaneouysly doing it..

what there on about if they change the game in the engine the game changes whereas other engines you wuould have to re-upload the game again to add some small files whereas the crytek engine does this for you, ver quickly

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Gray-Fox-Type02650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

CryEngine has always been a phenomenal beast in graphical power. This guys know how to push to the limits. ( Crysis , Crysis 2 looked amazing on consoles ) Unreal & frostbite is great too.

50Terabytespersec2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Oh god here we go again , crysis shooting some damn leaves and branches in every level makes this game so state of the art..LMAO NOT!

IMHO the only time i was amazed in Cysis was when the Volcano erupted and It was time to to drive thoose tank ,THE ONLY!!!
just another shooter...
Never ever a Doom or a unreal or a half Life...
let this game rest and go away already..
now wheres Doom 4!!!!!!!

showtimefolks2649d ago

was boring. Its like dating the pretty gilr who is very bad in bed

wasn't mgs4 in real time now i am a moron when it comes to these things but i remember all the cut scenes and gameplay was the same?

TVippy2649d ago

Why not the "Universe"?? Sounds even more high-flown.

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ATiElite2651d ago

care to elaborate?

real time lighting real time physics blah blah blah just Do Not say "100 percent real time" and not go into detail for the sake of the readers.

CryEngine 3 doesn't have Real Time destruction so i would say Frostbite 2.0 is the only 100 percent real-time engine on the planet.

I like the CryEngine 3 but seeing Crytek are such a bunch of pricks.....I see why so few Devs use Cryteks products.

Pandamobile2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

They mean there's absolutely no baking involved with the engine. You can just make changes/additions to the map geometry, then jump right into the game and see how it looks with no delay.

Frostbite 2, Unreal 3, etc all require a certain degree of pre-computation from what I've read.

Christopher2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

But there is absolutely baking involved. They pre-compile all physics elements, lighting elements, and the like. The only difference is that they don't re-compile those the way Unreal 3 does it and Frostbite 2 has to recompile since many world elements are destructible. But, if you change any of those elements, re-compile is required.

The reason why they don't need to re-compile? Because they don't do anything outside of the norm with the world to start with. Not a good way of promoting the engine.

Bladesfist2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )


Pandamobile2650d ago

Nope, it's all real time.

It's obviously simplified, but it's still real time.

Sillyace922649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )


I thought real time meant that everything was done in engine and nothing was prescripted. Such as shadows that are placed as textures or physics. Never heard of that in order for it to be real time it had to be done instantaneously. IDK maybe I'm wrong.

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Tachyon_Nova2650d ago

It actually does have real time destruction, it just isnt as extensively used as in say Frostbite based Battlefields.

ZETTA2650d ago

there is a reason why the US ARMY preferred this engine over all others!

BF3 engine is crap.

but the game itself is cool!

2650d ago