New Rainbow Six 'Nothing Like Ghost Recon' - Ubisoft

Rainbow Six is gearing up for a sequel, and Ubisoft has told NowGamer that it won't be anything like the Ghost Recon series. More details here.

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Soldierone2679d ago

Good it never really was and thats why I loved it. However with recent Ubisoft moves I'm simply hoping they don't screw over PS3 with this game...If they do I'm done buying Ubisoft titles all together.

TheLastGuardian20102679d ago

So is this ubisoft subtly confirming that there is indeed a new Rainbow 6 game in development?

sonicsidewinder2679d ago

It is apparantly. Supposed to have moral choice bullshit and another feature of when you kill an enemy, your perspective switches to that of the enemy.

The example they said was something like this.

R6 is on a bridge. Terrorists are about. R6 shoots terrorist, perspective shifts to terrorist as he falls off the bridge.

Sounds weird to me.

fastrez2679d ago

Brilliant new though, hope the new one is more tactical like the older ones.

Perjoss2679d ago

Vegas 1 was much better than Vegas 2 (single player). I really loved how they introduced a good cover system into a FPS. I look forward to seeing more of the next R6 game.

BattleAxe2679d ago

I wish that would have carried over more maps from Vegas1 over to Vegas2 for Terrorist Hunt.

krazykombatant2679d ago

What with all the shooters ubi?? where is my splinter cell??? HMMMMMMMMMM?? and not that HD remake the one Jade Raymond is making.

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