The Wii's Super Mario Battle - 2D versus 3D

"Super Mario Galaxy(SMG) was released on November 12, 2007 for the Wii. The game brought Wii owners a brand new 3D Mario adventure in a galaxy that might be far away, but it had a lot of characters Mario fans were familiar with, and it was the first new Mario platforming game for the Wii system.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii(NSMBW) was released on November 15, 2009 for the Wii. While the game didn't boast full 3D environments, or super crazy gravity effects necessarily, it brought Wii owners a Mario game that hearkened back to the NES and SNES days of Mario console games, and it could be played by up to 4 players simultaneously.

With Super Mario Galaxy having been released more than 2 years before New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it would be safe to assume that Super Mario Galaxy would have more game-play hours reported right? Wrong! Let's take a look!", says CoffeeWithGames in the introduction section.

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