Does your console attract women?

Here are the facts, ladies. Two-thirds of all men in television-owning households between the ages of 18 and 34 have videogame consoles, according to media research company, Nielsen. That means your chances of going with a gaming guy are pretty high.

What can his choice of gaming system tell you about him? MSN convened a panel of experts to give you the scoop:

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Captain Tuttle4051d ago

Mine repels them. My wife can't stand video games. She's happy that I have a hobby though.

BloodySinner4051d ago

That's always a good thing.

MADGameR4051d ago

Girls only care if you have a darn job, look atleast decent and a cool person thats all.

Mr_Kuwabara4051d ago

I attract women to play with me.

mesh14051d ago

my girl friend hates it but hey ive alwsy played games so she has to just deal with it.

green_ghost54051d ago

I got my g/f hooked about a year ago, and now I'm lucky if I get any time with either of my systems(only have one tv) I sometimes regret ever handing the controller to her.

solar4051d ago

is birth control :D

a friend of mine said she would come over and make me dinner every day if she could come over and play with my Wii. sad...i didnt spell that another way :(

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The story is too old to be commented.