Not Team Fortress 2: More Information Drops From the Final Combat Beta

The Chinese version of TF2 still lives, tastelessly lifting more than a few things here and there, while adding it’s own favor. Is this kind of thing still okay?

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shak2705d ago

I definitely wanna play this version

ATiElite2705d ago

wanna play the Chinese version?

One word...........PROXY!

MicrocutsX22705d ago

Wow that soldier looks all too familiar....

jaidek2705d ago

I am really surprised Valve hasn't attempted to sue or try to take some sort of legal action against this company. But I am not to familiar with international copyright laws. Is this even possible?

VenomousFlower2705d ago

They probably think they've altered enough of it that nobody would even notice... similar to so many people not picking up on Monday Night combat being a total rip off of TF2 lol.

RafiR2d22704d ago

Lol I wanna play this just for the lulz. :p