Super Mario Galaxy holding off COD 4 as most anticipated game

As gamers await the release of these two revolutionary and already blockbuster games, for now Nintendo Wii's Super Mario Galaxy holds off Activision's COD 4 in pre-orders.
Included are lists of each systems current best selling games.

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PS360WII4092d ago

Wow how is Wii Play still in the top ten? No Zack & Wiki for the Wii top stops :(

MK_Red4092d ago

Sad and true. That's why I hate Wii. I have nothing against superb and great Wii games like Mario Galaxy and Zack & Wiki (Love this one) but when I see Wii Play and other crappy mini-game sets (Carnival Games!!???) doing better than real games like Metroid and Zack, I feel angry and sad. Who are the people that buy crappy minigames but leave Zacks and Metroids? That's my problem with Wii.

TruthbeTold4092d ago

I think that a game like MP3 is too hard for many in the mini-game crowd. That and most of them probably don't know or care anything about Metroid. Zack and Wiki, if played up as the puzzle game it is, should do well. Mario however will probably get at least a few hundred thousand purchases from people that will be playing their first Mario game. Simply because even new gamers recognize Mario. If these gamers put in the work it takes to beat this game, it could bode well for games like MP3 in the future. I'm thinking that this is part of Nintendo's plan to integrate casual gamers into something a little more serious. But who knows?

ItsDubC4092d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

You hate the Wii because it exposes the truth that casual gaming is perhaps just as popular as traditional gaming? The truth can hurt, but hatred for the console that caters best to that demographic is misguided and frankly a waste of emotion. Do you also hate the PS2 for the success of Eye Toy: Play, Namco Museum, and Singstar?

Casual gaming will not replace "core" gaming as long as demand for those kinds of games exists.

JoNaZ_RG4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

well, Wii Play is still on tops because it includes a free wii-remote....and that's a good deal...a Wii-Remote wit a mini game..... The best deal for anybody, and I say it cuz I got it too...

TruthbeTold4092d ago

I figure it will be the same with Link's Crossbow training, only people will buy it for the $20 game and let the chunk of plastic collect dust. Who knows though. The Zapper might end up being fun.

JoNaZ_RG4092d ago

dats exactly what I did with Wii Play...I only played it on da 1st day, and now I dont remember i have it

BrotherNick4092d ago

wii play is fun only if you are forced to play it, I left all my games at a friends, so then I played the tanks game and had a good time.

Gondee4091d ago

Dosnt wii play come with all Wii's?

PS360WII4091d ago

No Wii Sports comes with all Wii's in NA and EU. Wii Play is a game with Wii Remote.

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solar4092d ago

im not a Wii bit surprised. game will be great

JosefTor4092d ago

I don't think a lot of smart gamers pre-order. If you preorder in the US that probably means you are getting it at Gamestop which is the worst gaming store in the US in my opinion. They are the only place that doesn't give you anything for being their loyal gamer and don't discount prices. Bestbuy today for instance on their Call of Duty 4 release is giving you a free Behind the Enemy Lines movies, $20 off a wireless headset, and $10 off if you buy GH3 or SceneIT (released tomorrow). Talk about a good deal. Frys is doing there normal release for a couple dollars cheaper. Other companies (I can't think of them at the moment are giving you gift cards). Gamestop... nothing.

Then again... it might be good to order Super Mario Galaxy because Nintendo is the only developer/company that has consistently sold out of its stock due to poor management/decisions. For the N64 I could never get the top games on launch day.

ItsDubC4092d ago

I don't know if Gamestop has the deal, but pre-ordering Super Mario Galaxy at other places like Target and Best Buy (I think) will get you some limited-edition Mario coin. I pre-ordered my Super Mario Galaxy online for a discount so even though I'm almost certain I won't get it on launch day, I will have the game brand-new for $40.97 total, which is $3 less than what Gamestop will likely charge for a used version of the game.

TruthbeTold4092d ago

Pre-ordering a game at Gamestop is pretty much a choice to pay for the "Convenience" of receiving the game on time. As far as supposed "Poor management decisions" go, I'm sure that Nintendo's happy Stockholders would much rather management be conservative in their production and shipment at first rather than end up with an E.T. scenario. It may be inconvenient for us, but if we want a game, we'll be able to get it relatively quickly with some searching or a short wait. Nintendo is the best managed gaming business there is when it comes to turning profit. (They even turned a profit on the Game Cube.) And in the end, that's what all these companies care about most.

JosefTor4091d ago

TruthbeTold... as an investor myself I think you did hit it right on about profits. I do find it funny how well Nintendo does in turning profits out of all its game systems which is one of the most important things in business (granted... in Microsoft's case... sometimes losing profits at first to gain a strong base of support is necessary). I have to say... the Wii does have strong sales going for it. I just wish Nintendo would work with third party developers more, work harder for exclusives, get more programmers so games don't take so long to develop, and develop more new IPs. I don't want them to find more suppliers for their system because I think it benefits them to have their system always sold out.

TruthbeTold4091d ago

Two Wii games that I'll be watching closely in 2008 are Monster Hunter 3 and Spore. If these games give a full and excellent experience on the Wii, then I think that the 3rd party developer problems will be over for this console, and the Wii will be a major player for the long haul. Time will tell though.

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