Resistance 3 "Bullseye" Lab Series Video

A new video in the “Lab Series” of videos for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive video game Resistance 3 has been released. The video showcases the “Bullseye” targeting feature of one of the weapons in the game. Check out the video below.

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GetoverHere1222650d ago

neato gang. I really like the old-timey filter on the footage.

honestpizza2650d ago

Why are they focusing on one of the worst guns in the game???

Beknight2650d ago

I really enjoy it when companies go outside the box, or 'above the call of duty' when it comes to marketing their games; I reckon anything that furthers the universe (sketchy old lab reels) is a treat for any fan.

TheKindRoost2650d ago

they should have shown its new ability, tagging and shooting three enemies at once.

pungello882650d ago

Yeah that would have been cool to see, maybe they'll show it off later.

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