Did Microsoft steal the Kinect?

In 2009, while Microsoft was busy designing and marketing what would become the Kinect, [Carlos Anzola], an inventor, tinkerer, and self-ascribed geek from Bogotá, Colombia, had been working for years on a nearly identical gesture interface for the PC. His creation, the Human interface Electronic Device, or HiE-D – pronounced ‘Heidi’ - was capable of gesture recognition years before Microsoft would release the Kinect.

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Godmars2902679d ago

Weren't there any number of motion sensor technologies around before Kinect was made? MS even bought a company doing research out of concern they'd be accused of "borrowing" like they borrowed research from IBM for Sony's Cell chip.

newleaf2679d ago

Yes we get it, SONY started all things. The Sun was invented by SONY

Bonobo123452679d ago

No surprise really.
Respect goes to Carlos, Viva Colombia!

@newleaf, stop hating, It's not cool to be such a bot.

XRider2679d ago

^^^this^^^ is why this site is called News 4 Sony. Can't say "bot" or "xbot" yet here it is in full glory, and 10 hours old. Let me go repeat that in a Move article and it would be gone in minutes. A non trolling comment that just says something nice about MS and nothing about Sony even gets removed.

Fox012679d ago

"short answer, yes they they did with the cell technology. and it all goes back to the eyetoy, and sony in general.

so next time a bot comes in and says microsoft made something revolutionary, shut up"

And this comment doesn't get flagged for "trolling"?

gamingdroid2679d ago

"short answer, yes they they did with the cell technology. and it all goes back to the eyetoy, and sony in general."

LOL. Sounds like IBM handed MS cell technology on a silver platter at the expense of Sony. I'm sure a webcam existed before the EyeToy.

sjaakiejj2679d ago


Stop complaining. If you don't like the site, don't use it. If you don't like the comments, don't read them. Whichever way you put it, the site is in no way biased towards one or another manufacturer. There's Sony fanboys, Microsoft Fanboys and Nintendo fanboys in roughly equal amounts, and complaining about one of them being in a minority is just plain and simply silly.

Machioto2679d ago

@nopunctuation But it was prototype before wiimote and that should be sufficient for people,so they can stop saying Sony stole nintendo idea.

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BlackTar1872679d ago

it was 10m old stop crying

nopunctuation2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Yes they did.
Sony stole the Wiimote
Microsoft stole HD gaming.
Sony stole achivements
Microsoft stole Miis.

You could go on. This whole generation has been one big contest to rip off the competition's features.

tiffac2679d ago

Wasn't the Move developed first before the Wiimote?

At least according to this video:

nopunctuation2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Yeah but its all about timing. Wiimote came out first and even though it was obviously rushed and buggy (still is even with motion plus), its is generally considered the first of its kind. Move improves on the wiimote in almost every way but the calibration is just annoying. Could have been so much better if they had found a way to avoid that as a mandatory action to start every game.

MintBerryCrunch2679d ago

MS first bought out the Israeli firm Primasense, the guys basically behind the tech of the Kinect, then they bought Canesta, a company which provided the gesture control technology behind the Sony Eyetoy


idk, but i can see why MS went after them since one was working with experimental tech and the other was already established since they were behind the tech of the Eyetoy

cstyle2679d ago

MS never bought primesense. They actually bough 3DV the company behind the z-cam. Plus ms has been working on this tech long before the kinect came along.


Wow got any proof that they were working on the Kinect tech for any period of time prior to a few month prior to the reveal.

When a company starts these types of things they open up patents and have internal documents showing history of development so that way if a copy infringement lawsuite gets put forth they are protected.

That piece never took place so unless you pulled some document right on out of your arse then please close the hole that is your face.

Intelligent gamers in the know got on real quick that MS bought the Kinect tech and then put more money behind it to finish the polish...that's all. If they had been working on it for years where are the games using it to even 50% of it's abilities...mods can use it better than MS. Where are the internal studios projects to support the hardware again non-existent.

There are so many holes in the story of MS working on it for years that it's not even funny...s**t swiss cheese will float longer than this story.

kneon2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

It was 3DV that created the basic Kinect hardware, they had already shopped it around to Sony and Nintendo who both turned it down. I don't think Microsoft was doing anything like Kinect until they started working with 3DV.

I'm assuming 3DV also had some patents related to their camera so I don't know who will win. But their technique for determining the depth are very similar, this guy projects infrared dots while Kinect projects an infrared grid.

tudors2678d ago

@server-1 it's the primsense chip.

Les-Grossman2679d ago

Everyone steals something. Like Sony stealing XBOX Achievements & naming them Trophies

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tiffac2679d ago

Most products are either made from another persons idea and was reinvented to become better or the idea was just made by a couple of people at the same time but from different locations.

Why is people making a flame war out of this I will never know.

kneon2679d ago

If you want to claim achievements were stolen then I claim Microsoft stole them from Ratchet and Clank

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bozebo2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Kinect is just 2 webcams and some nice software (that runs on its internal CPU because the 360's cpu can't be loaded up with extra processing).

The key thing is NOT gesture recognition. Its ability to actually pick up the front and sides of what the cameras see as actual 3D polygonal information is where the magic happens, and is what sets it apart from things like eyetoy - which uses 2D scanning and recognition techniques.

But kinect in general is a failed piece of kit. They just released it because they knew millions of people would buy it after their huge marketing campaign. The input lag, for a start, makes it totally useless for gaming.

danielle0072679d ago

I've been playing Child of Eden with Kinect. It's really amazingly fluid and I don't even notice any lag. It's one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. I don't think it's completely useless for gaming.

greatjimbo782679d ago

@bozebo. Kinect doesn't have a CPU. They took that out at the final prototype stage, to keep down production costs.

tudors2678d ago

@greatjimbo78 they put it back mate.

ElementX2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Kinect has those infrared beam things also...

Webcams don't use infrared projectors.

EasilyTheBest2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

The input lag, for a start, makes it totally useless for gaming
So you obviously havent played Child of Eden, which is actually better without a controller.
You probably havent played Kinect Sports or Dance Central either...

bozebo2678d ago

Kinect Sports had loads of input lag. Why would I want to play Dance Central?

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MischievousIQ2679d ago

MS must be doing it wrong cause HiE-D looks like it responds better than Kinect.

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