Rovio considering console ports for Angry Birds

Rovio is looking into console ports for its popular game Angry Birds, and already has a few in mind that could be a good match for the simple physics game. Eurogamer reports that vice president of franchise development Ville Heijari says they're "looking at every console" to house the game.

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just_sayin2706d ago

Pay for a game u can get for free on ur phone.......,nah F#ck that

powerofcell2705d ago

Go Sony make this exclusive. i would gladly pay.

fear882705d ago

I don't care if Jesus himself made it exclusive to the PS3 its a crap game and not even worth the bandwidth cost.

Raptura2705d ago

What do you mean exclusive? This game is available basically anywhere where there's a digital screen nowadays.

OH, I get it. 'console' exclusive.. lolz

Thought PS3 fanboys don't gloat about that?!

darthv722705d ago

I got it for $2.99 and play it on both my psp go and ps3.

I have often heard the game is free but i dont have an iphone.

jaymart2705d ago

Free game trial on your Phone. The full games cost between $3-$5 each.

Get your facts right before your start talking smack.

just_sayin2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'm sorry i don't care for the game since i won't finish the trial it is free
"get your facts right before you start talking smack"
Thats funny your mom charges $3-$5 for a handjob/blowjob

RaptorGTA2705d ago

@jaymart: Droid phones dont charge for Angry birds. Ads in the top of the screen allow this. I do believe there are a few version of angry birds that do cost money. But Ive had a few that never did.

radphil2705d ago


You can get the game free on Google Chrome.

Forbidden_Darkness2706d ago

Angry Birds for the PS Vita would be great, but like just_sayin said, you can get it free on your phone, unless the console version had ads too and was free. I wouldnt mind that at all.

Silly gameAr2705d ago

Isn't Angry Birds already a PSMini? Not sure what else they could do with Angry Birds on the consoles unless they actually do add motion controls.

Soldierone2705d ago

They removed it. Probably due to it sucking and showing the lack of talent or effort....

SpartanZero2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I hope it goes to console because I had way more fun with Plants VS Zombies on 360 Versus mode is fun

Pikajew2705d ago

Plants Vs Zombies is a good game while Angry Birds is not

Soldierone2705d ago

Its a phone game and popular as a PHONE GAME for a reason. Its easy to open it up and play for literally ten or so minutes to waste time. I've not once seen a person sit there and play this game longer than 15 minutes without doing something else at the same time....

Unless they actually develop depth to it. Add online, better levels, more things to do, motion controls, etc...there is no point. However based on their poor PS Mini effort I wouldn't get my hopes up....

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The story is too old to be commented.