The Top 10 EA / PopCap Crossovers That Should Never Happen

RipTen: Now that EA has control over the fun factory we used to know and love as PopCap Games, we’ve decided to give this new amalgamation a list of requests for crossovers that we believe will be unanimous commercial successes. We think they’re all Game of the Year contenders.

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Sigmarue2651d ago

I would have to own Bejeweled Effect. Day one buy for me.

Twizlex2651d ago

Me too. There's just not enough sci-fi RPGs with jewel monsters.

Batmau52651d ago

These have to be made.

KingNintendoFanboy2651d ago

EA will sadly rule the world. :(

jaredhart2651d ago

That Fight Night Pic is disturbing.

xPhearR3dx2651d ago

Dude that's how the Indians use to fish. As you can see, some of the fish got to his face before he caught one. It's a feeding frenzy!

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