Siliconera - Yosuke Hayashi Wants Players To Feel Each Katana Slice In Ninja Gaiden 3

Siliconera writes, "I made sure to play Ninja Gaiden 3 before speaking with Yosuke Hayashi, lead designer and head of Team Ninja. The demo (which Kris outlined) went from one bloody battle to the next. Enemies tried to stop Ryu with machine guns and rocket launchers, which put up a poor fight. Ryu sliced through people, not monsters, with his katana."

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chaos9992748d ago

No enemies other than humans and just one type of weapons?

Oh god...

Peaceful_Jelly2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

The old games only had swords and a nunchaku anyway. Now we only have different swords.

But I think they should scrap the red arm all together, it is obvious they played DMC4 way too much. The intense red and stuff makes the action so much more difficult to appreciate. Or at least reduce the red aura cus it gets in the way.

crematory2748d ago

itagaki is laughing so hard now ,lol

Rhezin2748d ago

Hell i'm still paying the sh!t outta this game. It's ninja gaiden and STILL developed by Team Ninja, not handed off to someone who doesn't know wtf they're doing like team ninja is doing with DMC. yuck.

Anyway it really WOULD have benefited by Itagaki's expertise, but I still think it'll stand out on its own.

Raider692748d ago

How are we going to feel the katana slice if there is no effect made by the slice in NG3?In NG and NG2 we feel the slice because from every slice you actually had parts of the body rip off but i haven't seen nothing in NG3!NG3 only haves red tint for blood no slice effect!Lame!

zerocrossing2747d ago

I think TM are trying to make the game feel more real, violent and gory by making you have to cut down people instead of monsters. Sadly that's not the way it works, When you play NG games and such there's little difference between cutting down demons and humans other than 8 ft demons are cool and humans are just perceived now as week filler enemies like grunts. I honestly cant understand this shift its not going to suddenly make people go "Wow I cut through that enemy and he was human! I feel bad now" I don't see how they are going to get the reaction they want from gamers... Just give us back our badass demons (Fiends) plz.