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nikrel2651d ago

I liked the part about " Create and Join Clans " so you have to be part of elite for that? Lets pay to create and join clans guys!!!! yes!

badz1492651d ago

And I like your sarcasm

Ducky2651d ago

... What a shame, I really wanted that pony.

Legal really is like vultures. =(

Sarobi2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I'm completely sold on this, I'm going to write a check to Bobby Kotick worth all of my life savings and then some, which will put me in a complete ruin, BUT WHO CARES! ITS ELITE BAHHHAHAHAHA ELITEEE!!!


jdktech20102651d ago


Stop the blind hate....stat tracking, clans, heatmaps, groups, etc is all free as I understand.

For paid sub, you get the map packs, playing for prizes, etc.

Seriously, the free stuff is really cool (though mostly been done by Bungie before but hey, it's free....)

Stop whining because it's call of duty. There's nothing wrong with them giving us some cool stuff for's out of their comfort zone.

Geeze, to hate a game so much you make stuff up out of thin air is kinda petty and ridiculous but to each their own

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The story is too old to be commented.