19 minute Call of Duty Elite demo

Gamespot does a 19 minute walkthrough of COD Elite with Activision's Jason Ades.

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dark-hollow2652d ago

hate it as much as you want.
but cod is addicting as a drug!

Warprincess1162652d ago

I know. That why i love it.

LOGICWINS2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I LOVED World at War, it was the only COD I could get into. Haven't tried out Black Ops yet though. I understand why people enjoy COD..but this Elite thing is nuts IMO.

Its OPTIONAL..thats a good thing, but the time/resources spent on creating Elite could have been spent on improving the ACTUAL game. A Peanut allergy clan?? Come on bro. More people would have benefited from dedicated servers, better graphics etc.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2652d ago

Addicting for people who are noobs and are constantly getting completely owned in other more challenging games.

LOGICWINS2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Very stupid assumption. I'll inbox you my PSN name. Check my UC3 beta stats. 90% of the time I'm first place in every Hardcore match. I have 54% accuracy and I average 16 kills per match.

Btw, it works both ways. I have friends that are Killzone 2 vets, guess what? They get slaughtered in World at War online.

dark-hollow2652d ago

maybe it is additcing to people who just want to have fun.

RyuCloudStrife2651d ago

I own at any online shooter

BeastlyRig2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

If they go back to cod4 then I won't hate.. I just won't an elite player for more than the free stuff..

If it's like blackops then I can't be addicted to bugs..

Guess it doesn't matter that pc won't get a beta It obviously is up and running good.

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bangoskank2652d ago

Did that guy say his name is Ron McDonald? Must have sucked being him as a kid.

DiLeCtioN2652d ago

What a load of S**t, nothing on there is new. Bungie has the same for Halo FREE.

F COD Elite, big scam.

Queasy2652d ago

Everything shown here for COD Elite is free too. None of the stuff that is included in the beta will be charged for when Elite launches with MW3.

Soldierone2652d ago

You know what would really sell me on this? If they put the friggin stats back into Black Ops and MW3....Kinda stupid we have to use an external service just to see all of our stats.

Do that and Im fine with it. I saw nothing worth paying for though.

Ninjamonkey822652d ago

So they want me to pay extra to click a few web pages :/