June NPD: PS3 hardware, Shadows of the Damned bombs, Alice better

Console sales have been revealed for PS3 and updates are available for EA games.

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Warprincess1162705d ago

Awww it bombed. I should of bought it new.

NewMonday2705d ago

and people wonder why publishers are coming up with things like online pass and DLC.

gamingdroid2705d ago

From what I can tell, the game didn't have a wide appeal so what do you expect?

SilentNegotiator2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

You're seriously going to fall for that trolling? It's only trying to strengthen Sony's PSN Pass.

Shadow of the Damned bombed because marketing was incredibly thin and it isn't that great anyway. Not to mention that sales are usually pretty weak in the summer.

Suda51 doesn't know the difference between wacky and drawing a phallus after huffing paint for half an hour. His doofy games will never have wide appeal because he thinks calling something 'boner' is hilarious in itself.

Washington-Capitals2705d ago

I have never even heard of that game. If a ps3 game doesnt do well its because of marketing and used game sales right?

How about its just the fact not many people wanted it or just didnt appeal to many?

Achemki2704d ago

PS3 game excuses?! Um, nice stealth troll attempt, but Shadows of the Damned is one the XBox360 too lol. When Jim Reilly said it bombed and it wouldn't get a sequel, he meant on BOTH platforms.

NukaCola2704d ago

MS has marketed the 360 very well in America. So well in fact I have met gamers who couldn't name any PS3 exclusives and honestly thought COD was 360 exclusive. Through EU/JP sales Sony has went from a 10mil gap to a 3mil chase. A price cut plus the upcoming line up couldn't possiblly seal this deal tight. I think that with a little more marketing, and smart moves like COD PSVita crossplay, Sony can boost sales up very well. I believe when it's all over this gen, both systems will be about tied worldwide.

NewMonday2704d ago

"...I have met gamers who couldn't name any PS3 exclusives..."

true, see many of them in game stores.

but its not only about MS good marketing, Sony have bad marketing, i think they mostly rely on word of mouth and standard advertising, it's not enough, they are not good at creating mainstream hype at the time of game releases.

Lifendz2704d ago

The pricing model for games is broken. Not every game can do well at 59.99. Games like Shadows of the Damned should be 39.99-49.99. There's simply too much out there to pay 60 plus dollars on a game like that. A lot of games have this problem. The game would've done much better at 39.99 because at that price it's an impulse purchase for most gamers.

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SephirothX212704d ago

I looked at the Gamespot video review and the game seems to innovative in both gameplay and art design. Gamespot gave it an 8.5 score which is great. I think its a game worth trying and I'm sorry to see that it didn't sell well. Though it is a new IP and the marketing wasn't great. Gamers are constantly looking for innovation and then when it comes along, they don't want to know about it.

showtimefolks2704d ago

because its not worth 60 bucks to me so just because a game doesn't sell doesn't mean its sony's or ps3 community's fault

the game isn't really good its a good game that you can rent and beat within 8-10hrs

so some people maybe rich enough to buy every game but i am saving up to buy all the games coming out in fall 2011

MostJadedGamer2704d ago

"I think that with a little more marketing, and smart moves like COD PSVita crossplay, Sony can boost sales up very well. I believe when it's all over this gen, both systems will be about tied worldwide."

NukaCola the PS3 will easily pass the 360 in the end. When the PS3 does finally drop to $199 it will see a massive, and very, very, very long sales surge.

The Next Gen is starting next year, but the PS3 will easily be the biggest holiday seller next year. If the PS3 drops to $199 this year it will also be the biggest holiday seller this year.

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Pintheshadows2705d ago

I can't say i'm surprised about SotD as it really appealed to a niche market. It was good though.

Pozzle2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

There wasn't much marketing for it either. I don't remember seeing any ads for it. :(

Jocosta2705d ago

I know, right? We bitch about nothing but shooters and then this game comes along and we ignore it.

RememberThe3572705d ago

Thats why I don't listen to all that crap these elitist gamers spout. The game was a gem, not a diamond, but a gem worth your time. Yet amongst all this bitching about COD and Battlefield, no one pays attention to a game trying to do things a little different.

Pintheshadows2705d ago

I found that the COD vs BF3 arguments have done that to alot of games on N4G. The biggest one I have noticed being ignored is Bioshock Infinite. The 15 minute gameplay trailer left me speechless. Yet the hot articles were all COD this and BF that.

It makes me sad.

kaveti66162705d ago

except that n4g is not representative of the rest of the gaming market.

even if there were not a bunch of mw3 versus bf3 articles on n4g, I doubt SotD would have fared much better.

RememberThe3572705d ago

I meant that as an example of the people who claim they are tired of all these modern combat shooters yet when that games that they're asking for come out they pay no attention to them. It's hypocritical and annoying.

catguykyou2705d ago

On N4G any article that brings up anything dealing with console hardware and where it stands in terms of power dominates the headlines. The COD vs BF3 articles all boiled down to which hardware it would be better on.

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catguykyou2705d ago

Hasn't the game been getting bad reviews? Why buy into a new ip that seems pretty off the wall in the first place when it's not even getting good reviews?

ShoryukenII2704d ago

GameSpot gave it an 8.5 and the first review released gave it over a 9. I think it was reviewed well.

iGaMei2705d ago

I know rumors started flying about a PS3 price drop coming . Maybe people are waiting for that? I have a 360 and abou to buy a PS3 and I decided to wait till August .

blumatt2705d ago

All I can say is a $199 PS3 would definitely give the PS3 a HUGE boost for several months. If they drop it prior to the holiday season and market it well, they could have a couple of million-unit months.

squallheart2705d ago

Also target stores have yet to receive new ps3s for 2 months. The last we had was call of duty bundles.

tiffac2705d ago

I think a $50 price drop is realistic this year and another $50 next year when the Wii U comes to the market.

kneon2705d ago

I agree, the yen is still far too strong to allow them to drop the price to $199.