How the New Halo Trilogy Could Repeat History |

Opinion: Could 343 Industries be walking in the same steps as Bungie?

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BigBossGiovanni2705d ago

As if the Halo universe couldn't get any better, 343 needs to hire this guy!

wolfkin2704d ago

every rapper needs a hype man and ever developer needs a PR guy. same thing. Neither is valued for being analytical.

wolfkin2704d ago

is there a way to vote this story down for being asinine? How slow is news where "let's make stuff up" gets green-lit?

JohnP262704d ago

I see you would like more BF3 vs MW3 articles.

I'm on it.

Immaturity aside.

Its a good theory that came to me the past few days and if you actually think about it, it's actually probable. None of the stuff is made up. Its all what ifs.

wolfkin2704d ago

i imagine those articles are even more boring but my stance remains. I'm not saying this is the most terribly written thing I've ever seen but a number of things don't make sense.

For instance the authors insistence that Halo 4 would be such a _new_ game. Since Halo 3 we've had Wars, ODST, and Reach each of THOSE are likely to be new games more than Halo 4 which is a return to the mascot character Master Chief and Cortana.

Also since this is Halo 4 and this is about Master Chief that means technically you have all this backstory which means it isn't as easy to 'jump into' for newcomers as the original Halo:CE was. Easier than Halo 2 and 3 maybe but probably harder than Wars/ODST/Reach.

Yes Goodonline erases doubt. That makes sense. The rest of online comments are just make believe. In summation. Online is good. Halo Online was good. Therefore new online halo will be good. The whole "new development studio" thing just doesn't factor into his "prediction theory". The whole reason everyone doubts 343 is because they haven't shown they CAN make a good online halo experience.

"When it comes to a story that is going to be the center piece of a trilogy it* needs to setup a final solution to the problem."

* Based on the previous sentence. This is Halo 4 but based on the next sentence this is Halo 5? This is just bad grammar that is ruining reading.

There's actually little reason to suspect that 5 will be the bridge that 2 was. People hated that part of 2. The stupid story and non-ending. MS and therefore Bungie and therefore 343 will learn from that and NOT make 5 end like 2 did. Since Halo 2 games (more spec the concept of a trilogy) have changed. Mass Effect anyone? You don't need a near-literal bridge game in the middle anymore.

Why the flub tastic would Halo 5 be the online pinnacle? This isn't bungie doing the same pattern. It's a NEW studio. This 6th game isn't going to be on a new console by the author's account it will be on the same console as 4 and 5 so whereas Halo 3 was mostly "Halo for the 360" which intheory is why it sucked. Halo 6 won't have that problem.

Again I repeat it's actually written ok which is a blessing in games writing, but the speculation is completely asinine, so as a total it's still a bad article. No thought given to the fact that a new developer will likely not perform the same way as Bungie. That's why it's called a _different_ developer.

As a suggestion: What would have been an interesting article is keep the same premise (New trilogy mirrors old) but actually do some thoughtful speculation. So show the ways that 343 will learn from Bungie's experience and gaming in general but still get similar results. For instance Halo 4 will be a flagship on a new console, Halo 5 will be a perfection of designs and by the time 6 is out people are burned out of Halo and it won't be the fan favorite that 5 is. I could expand on that but I don't write for a video game site.

JohnP262704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

The center piece of a trilogy means what is in the middle. Kinda like the peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich. Imagine CE and 3 being the bread, Halo 2 is what bridged them together.

If concluding sentence of Halo 4/CE wasn't enough.

But, whatever man. I got a good amount of views to the site and I got some good positive feedback from some other websites. I always like to hear bad feedback. Thank you.

Edit: by the way I added a little something something at the end for you.