Monthly Sales Analysis, June 2011 - Wii & Zelda at the Top

"Overview - First off, welcome to a new monthly feature. The layout will be identical to the Weekly Sales Analysis feature, except it will be looking at an entire month worth of sales. The month of June is a five week period, while May is a four week, therefore month on month sales would need to be up between 20 percent and 25 percent to be flat for the weekly sales. With a full month of a price cut Wii sales nearly double. Year on year sales are down across the board for both hardware and software sales. Six games sold over 500,000, which is up from three last week."

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Warprincess1163561d ago

Wow Zelda sold 700,000. That really sad. Nintendo fans. Just stop supporting this company that does nothing to change or innovate their games.

killerhog3561d ago

i think its mostly the hardware fault than the game or nintendo. 3ds is just too expensive and underwhelming. nintendo got the casual crowd checked, but now its all about getting them to upgrade and buy games outside of fitness and mario.

off subject a bit

thats why i personally think wiiU will fail. casuals will be too skeptical to upgrade and the hardcore already got HD consoles. dont get me wrong though. wiiU will sell but it will lack compared to the Wii and by the time the new consoles come out it'll be obsolete.

Question_Mark3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Stop spouting your ignorance off as fact. You seem to do that a lot.

zerocrossing3560d ago

Keep spouting your nonsense Nintendo isn't going anywhere and the Wii U will do miles better than you think, Im so tired of these kids talking as if they know the industry that's been around years before they were born. Disagree all you like, only time will tell.

DNAbro3560d ago

ssys the guy who has a modern warfare 3 avatar.

Venox20083560d ago

do you have PMS or what? all the time I see you on the forum, you bash all games, especially nintendo.. if you don't like them, no need to shout loud..

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krazykombatant3560d ago

And people say Nintendo is the next SEGA... hahahahahaha.

beast242tru3554d ago

and people say the xbox360 trumps ps3 sales... hahaha