Five Good (and Bad) Things to Look Forward to Next Generation

With the Wii U on the horizon, the thought on everyone's mind is what the next generation of consoles holds in store. While everyone may be aprehensive about having to shell out for a whole new batch of consoles, there are a whole lot of great things to look forward to in the next generation of gaming. Of course, if current gaming trends are any indication, there are also some bad things that are also coming our way. Below is a list of the best, and the worst, things that we have to look forward to the next console generation.

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keith-ps32649d ago

Don't be surprised if the average game reaches $70, maybe $80 to purchase new shorter games o hell no! i hope there wrong

keith-ps32649d ago

i remember when street fighter 2 was 75 bucks in like 93 bitch ass capcom

kramun2649d ago

I remember getting on a train and travelling 45 miles to London when I was 14 so I could get an import copy of SF2 for the snes with an import adapter so I could play the game before it came out because I wanted it that much. I paid £75 for it, and it was worth every penny.

Some Capcom games are more than worth the price.

keith-ps32649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

@kramun dude u was pressed lol but u probably been around money ur whole life it was really like 80 somthing with tax when i was like 12 my mom would not buy it for me sadly she spent alot of money on drugs go figure i got it from a friend who stole it from blockbuster back then every game was 50 what made sf2 so much more i tho usa loved wasting money guess they do that to in london

trainsinrdr2649d ago

The Good - Awesome Graphics.
The Bad - Extreme DLC Milking.
The Ugly - Bobby Kotick.

DrFUD2649d ago

the good- Sony
the bad- Microsoft
the ugly- the increases within the next round of Microsoft fees and add-ons

KING_KAI2648d ago

the good- microsoft
the bad- sony
the ugly- the increas of the launch price of the ps4 $800

Pintheshadows2649d ago

The Wii U if these supposed next gen consoles are round the corner, will get left in the dust like the Wii.

I'm not talking about sales. The Wii U only just looks to have caught up with the 360 and PS3 on a hardware standpoint.

kramun2649d ago

And you're judging that on what exactly?

Pintheshadows2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Everything Ninty has shown of the Wii U and what developers have discussed about using its hardware. The expected hardware specifications of the next generation consoles to be roughly in line with PC hardware growth when they release. Common sense.

You can't be telling me you believe the Wii U will be able to keep up. They have released a current gen console for a generation that will be winding down in a few years. Nintendo mistimed it is all. If you play a gaming PC like the one I now have you realise that the consoles need to take a leap forward, not a step. That is not what Nintendo seems to have done.

I think they should have waited.

N4g_null2648d ago

Wow so gamers think a hd4800 is the same as nvidia rsx? Really? The hd4800 series is the first card to run crysis well into 60fps. The ps3 is struggling to get 20-30 fps. So the 50% increase is great because it means action games may require skill again.

If Sony or ms goes any higher expect prices to go over a $1000 since they would be building a laptop instead of a console. The hd4800 came out in 2008 built for hd gaming. You are looking at a 10-30 frame difference on the newer tech and that stuff is made for higher resolution which gives you no extras for consoles.

krazykombatant2649d ago

I won't have to keep seeing these articles?

bozebo2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Most of the bad AI we see at the moment is a result of bad programming/engineering and QA testing, not a lack of system resources.

The point about downloadable titles is very true, though it has already come to fruition this generation to be honest. But game streaming is a false economy and is only remotely successful because of marketing, it may be viable in 10-20 years however.

All the bad points have already happened...

And the wii-u isn't next gen, it may have more than double the performance of the PS3 or 360 - but the next MS and Sony consoles will undoubtably have that graphical power again on top - with updated technologies like (usable) hardware tessellation (the chips series used in the wii-u did support it in PC cards - in opengl - but it was nowhere near as capable as current 'dx11' genereration tessellation). The wii-u will be like a £400 PC in terms of performance (it should launch at less than $300), whereas PS4/720 would be like a £1250 PC at the moment (they should launch at a little over $300).

jbiz3302649d ago

Seriously on the Bad AI comment. Its kind of pathetic when Halo original has better AI than some of the games on this current gen (Im looking at you Crysis 2)

qwertyz2649d ago

yeah. halo has amazing AI. especially reach that can handle up to 40 unscripted enemy AIs at once. the enemy AI is excellent but partner AI in reach is kind of slow though

N4g_null2648d ago

LoL this is what was added to the r700 chip for the wiiu tessaltion and directx functionality. The water in the bird demo was tessalation. The tech for the new unreal engine uses massive tessalation which took 3 video cards that is not being shrimper down to console size for another 6 years and there isn't even a sigle card that can do that now.

Man your hype is on autopilot sort of like intel claim we would have 10ghz chip but only got 3-4. The future of gaming is going to be a huge let down for you I fear.

bozebo2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )


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