7.5 - Crank Up the Voltage with inFAMOUS 2

Sucker Punch Productions’ inFAMOUS 2, sequel to the highly acclaimed inFAMOUS, picks up a few months after the events of the original game. The story follows the electric super-powered Cole MacGrath as he develops and refines his powers granted to him by the ‘ray sphere’, a bomb that he was tasked with delivering in the first game. The Beast that was alluded to in inFAMOUS arrives, drains Cole’s powers and destroys Empire City. The game’s pace never slows down and keeps the player interested and motivated to continue.

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firemassacre2654d ago

great game, hero edition ftw

BX812654d ago

Yes it's only $59.00 at gamestop.

firemassacre2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

got it there ;)

wanderson752654d ago

My writer Mikeal really enjoyed the game as well. Even said he'd recommend the game to everyone he talked to. I think he really struggled with my enforcing our rules on grading the game. :-p

I myself haven't played it, but hope to find some time after I finish the first one...eventually.