Microsoft Give Insight Into Next-Gen Xbox, Likely To Release Around 2015/16

Some new revelations on the future of the Xbox and Microsoft in general came out of their Worldwide Partner Conference on Tuesday.

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BrianG2655d ago

Article: Mary-Jo Foley notes "something that could possibly launch as soon as next year when Windows 8 launches". Or he could have been discussing a unified operating system development platform, which would be a lot harder to achieve and would put the release of Windows 9 and the next-gen Xbox at about 2015/16. The former seems a likely direction, but the latter would certainly be a more sought after goal for the company to aim for.

So the more "likely" choice is next year, 2012/2013ish. Not 2015/2016. While releasing later would be ideal for achieving a company goal, it would place MS in a very sticky situation of launching potentially three or even four years late into the next console generation.

Nintendo is supposed to start the next generation in 2012, why would MS show up around 2015/2016? That is a lot of market share they would be risking to the competition. Look at what happened this generation, first come first serve on the early adopters. Sony lost a good portion of its market share to a relatively new company in the console market, MS.

Inside_out2655d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

It's all coming together for 2012 and honestly, M$ is behind the eight ball here as Apple is doing everything M$ wants to do RIGHT NOW!!!

The video and the entire show is an infomercial like propaganda device and knowing what Goggle is doing as well as Apple, I feel M$ really need to hit a home run and they need it right now.

For their part, M$ is working really hard, overpaying for Skype shows how serious this is. Goggle is making huge inroads in M$ bread and butter OS arena and they can not let that market share dropped any further tho the market will dictate that. The massive recent deals with RIM and Facebook points to a major battle of epic proportions coming soon between these behemoths.

I said that 360 S was a trial run for the new console coming in 2012. All the talk about packing all the silicon on one die was done and patented with the 360 S.

If M$ is dumb enough to wait till 2015/16, then they will be dead in the water. This will be the last console cycle because as they and everyone else keep saying, it's ALL going to the cloud. On live is a glimpse of how that is going to work...all you need is a screen of any size and a Internet connection, wifi or otherwise.

Mystogan2654d ago

I agree The next Generation is probably the last

blumatt2654d ago

It's doubtful MS will wait that long to release a new console. Sony won't even wait THAT long. Both the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles will be out by holiday 2014, I'm sure. 2013 is very possible though. I just hope both consoles stay around the $400 mark this time. I also hope they both launch in the same holiday season. Would make things super interesting.

Awesome-Xanto2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

@Inside_out :

Ignoring that there are many flaws to cloud gaming, and the fact the a majority of gamers do not care for it... OnLive has not really taken off. Sure some people use it... but most people don't care for it, or even know what the hell it is.

The cloud works great for sharing and storing information, but not that great for gaming.

If retail and digital services like steam have taught us anything, its that people want to own what there paying for... you can't own what you buy with a service like "OnLive"

Cloud gaming is good for a rental service or a try before you buy... nothing more.

There will ALWAYS be a huge section of people that will not use cloud gaming but will always prefer owning the products there buying.

Jocosta2654d ago

I agree, if the Wii delivers on what the 360 user base like or want, I could see them abandoning the 360 after about a year, let alone 3 years.

BlindGuardian2654d ago

new xbox 2014
new PS 2015

nothing on PC right now is even close to have a gap in quality with what we have in consoles to call it "next generation" stuff, not even close

Witcher 2 which is one of the best looking games of all time and developed with the PC in mind is coming to consoles with only minors tweaks

hardware might be there, but software developement tech is far from a new generation

Warprincess1162655d ago

lol no. That too long. It either 2013 or 2014. I don't want to wait that long for a next gen console.

ExitToExisT2654d ago

next xbox will be released on q4 2013. MS says 2015-2016 because they want people to continue buying 360.

dark-hollow2654d ago

every recent gen has gone for 6 years before the next gen jumps in.
then why some people thinks that this gen will last this long??
sony/ms will feel the pressure that they will not let nintendo get all the sales with the wii u.

2013 and the next box/ ps4 will be released or atleast revealed

consolez_FTW2654d ago

hmmm...releasing in 2015/2016 is really stretching it Microsoft. By 2015 the PS4 might have already had a year on the market. Not good for M$.

Kur02654d ago

Yeah, PS3 is only 2.3m behind the 360 and the 360 had a year and a half lead. If PS4 releases first you can forget about it.

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