Are Sony And Microsoft Teaming UP?

Dotweekly: It appears that Microsoft and Sony are teaming up in some way. A recent domain name registration by Microsoft may indicate that the two companies are teaming up. According to a press release in 1997, Sony and Microsoft teamed up then to work on computers but will it be gaming this time around?

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joeyisback2679d ago

if so for gaming let sony do the hardware if its for a new system dont want broken systems

Misterhbk2679d ago

People are going to over speculate on this and it'll turn out to be nothing big at all. I'm not sure what it could be but I'm certainly not expecting the two companies to suddenly be coming out with a console together. That would be...i don't even...

Anarki2679d ago

This would be great but competition is always better. Although, it would mean a lot more great titles for more people to enjoy.

AAACE52679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

It would be a fanboys worst nightmare if gaming related! But I think it would be a good thing since they are headed in the same direction.

The strange thing is, the way it's set up, almost makes it seem like a purchase is being made. Similar to how the name Square-Enix came about! The fact that MS filed the domain name makes it seem like they aquired Sony in the same way SE was made.

Anyway, I hope fanboys can get it out of their heads like these companies hate each other so much that they won't work together. Because at the end of the day, they only care about our wallets!

Either way, it could explain why neither announced a new console and why MS hasn't been trying to buy many first party developers!

trancefreak2679d ago

I'm sure MS and Sony don't hate each other they have many other business ventures together such as windows platform on Sony pcs and partnerships with Sony Ericson.

Would be really insane if Sony and Ms teamed up in the future. I know its sounds confusing I bet it has something to do with a tablet or smartphone.

XabiDaChosenOne2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Meh.... probably nothing.

guitarded772679d ago

Sony has Microsoft operating systems on their computers.

Lawliet2679d ago

You might as well just say Sony make the hardware and their parties can make the software. While Microsoft can step aside.


The Xbox brand will become literally useless without Halo&Gears. By bringing those 2 games to other platform, Xbox is simply dead. It just shows how little Microsoft Xbox can contribute to Sony.

WhittO2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Sony build us a reliable/stable future proof piece of hardware.

MS just stick to the software and deliver a stable feature-rich gaming environment.

Everyone would win!

Also...NOT going to happen lol.

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Tired2679d ago ShowReplies(2)
air12679d ago

It's amazing how ppl have the memory Span of a fish.

Sony has 1 out of 3 well built console and now they are teh bestest at it.

Machioto2679d ago

@ air1 do you have any links to prove that,I know ps2 had some problems but compare to the 360 it wasn't as bad,what I've read.

death2smoochie2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

You're absolutely correct and its why you have so many disagrees.
You cannot state truth on N4G.COM about Sony EVER.
If you do, bubbles are lost and disagrees up the ying yang...

The truth of the matter is Sony had two consoles out of three that had designs flaws and were unreliable...BOTH of those consoles had issues with heat and disk drive trays etc.
To make matters worse, Sony is an ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURER AND MAKE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS...They do not farm out this so IT'S their design flaws at fault. That's the embarrassing part.

The PS1 would overheat and the disk drive CD tray would warp because the components were made of plastic and your game disks would not play.
It took revisions from Sony in making those components from metal and moving the Drive away from the heat dissipation.

Then you had DRE issues for the PS2. We all know that one. It took Sony almost 4 years to resolve that issue by bringing out a better model...and they final settled the Lawsuit because of it.

So that's 1-3 for Sony making solid console hardware.
Microsoft is 1-1 as the first Xbox was rock solid.

So it does seem people have very short memories...or the majority of gamers on N4G.COM are 12 years old and only started gaming this generation....

air12679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Why don't you go looking for your " proof"

You are right ps2 did have issues with something called dre. Yes rrod was worse when it comes to failure rates but it was a relief not having to pay for the fix. Can't say that about dre or what ever the he'll was wrong with ps1 and playing up side down.

But hey if it makes you feel better that as long as it not too many ppl that have to pay to fix it, it's ok.

Dead pixels anyone? Or you need a link for that as well? Why did I have to pay to fix dead pixels when it clearly was a manufacturing issue? Let me guess cause it was in the norm, right? So it's all good to pay for the fix.

" hey I had a problem with my ps2 but once I "paid" for another it was fine. then he went through 6 360 at no cost! The fvking irony!

I been through 2 and wouldn't care if I had to go through 4 more as long as I don't hVe to pay, but hey that's me. If you like having to buy another console over a mf issue then go ahead.

solar2679d ago

death!!! shhhhhhhh!!!! the truth hurts them. critizing Sony is punishable by death....errrr....nevermind. you know. ;)

cooperdnizzle2679d ago

Hey i had a problem with my first ps2, but once i got my second one never had a problem. I have had 6 360. There is not a great product, then there is just a shitty built product, that never should have been released with the problems that it had, and its called the xbox 360.

tiffac2679d ago

Depends on what country you are in my case I had to pay to fix my 360 when it went RRoD twice because we don't have MS support in my country but we had Sony. QQ

XabiDaChosenOne2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

What are you guys shushing for? The PS1 and PS2 were well within the acceptable failure rate percentage of an electronic. The only reason why the problem seemed wide spread was because the consoles sold so much. The Xbox 360 is not anywhere near the sales of the PS1-2 and the amount of failed consoles for the for the 360 brand already dawrfed the two systems. That's how disgusting the hardware of the original SKU's of the 360 were.
@air1 The only reason you telling others to look for the proof is because you have no proof to give. You can't prove to me that the PS1-2 had a failure rate that exceeded the acceptable amount.

FalconR2892679d ago

All I know is my launch ps2 works perfectly since day one. The only problem if had with it is that the controller it came with works half the time. My launch playstation works perfactly as well. Now my xbox on the other hand only works whenever the hell it feels like it. And I rarely ever play it. I only know of a few people that had problems with an original ps2, but none with the playstation. I have a friend that went through 2 original xbox's and 3 360. This is from my experiences. I don't what no hate so that's all I have to say about that.

dafada2678d ago

.......thats why im on my 3rd 360 and i still have my original ps2 AND ps1 and i'm not lying ....obviously my ps1 is not hooked up but i recently hooked up my ps2 to play some good old rgps and it works fine....none of my friends had problems too...maybe it wasnt so wide spread

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2678d ago

I bought the ps1/2/3 at launch and still have the original systems. The ps1 was left on for days at a time, on the carpet...probably covered with dirty clothes when I was a kid and still works to this day. The ps2 launch system was played for countless hours due to Socom, and was played until the launch of the ps3 60gb. Which I am still rocking on today, with a 500 gb hard drive being the only thing replaced on it due to me wanting more space for movies/games/music.

Keep trying to spread your hate to further justify your purchase of whatever system you think its cool to hate on but everything I have had still works.

I wish Apple would make a console to further spawn the seeds of hate around here, you guys cheer leading for any company like they are sponsoring you or something. Guess large company that is out to make a profit cares about you. You are a figure on a graph and just as a large part of a graph you are not even noticed if you choose to drop out of the gaming hobby. Bill Gates/Kaz/Kojima/Reggie none of them care about you.

The only people that will care are us around here, not having to weed through all you trolls.

creatchee2678d ago


After my first Playstation turned a year old, I had to flip it upside down in order to play games. Every time.

I had to send my PS2 away twice to get it fixed.

I've had no problems whatsoever with my PS3 hardware.

Proof enough?

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kingdoms2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Please... as if 360 fans don't already come into contact with these angry, antisocial, anime loving gothic kids and manchildren. No thanks whatever it is. Having to be around them in 360 news is tOo much as it is why would anybody want to purposely expose themselves to them?

TK4212679d ago

Let Sony do the hardware and provide the gaming studios. And what exactly would Microsoft provide? I'm not paying for online game MS-S.

kreate2679d ago

MS provides marketing and halo/gears/fable
and manage the online. charge us 100 dollar since there no competition

ZETTA2679d ago

damn, too bad most console gamers dont even bother to do at least some research, sony does not make hardware, intel, IBM, Nvidia, AMD, ETC..... REALLY DO HARDWARE!!

Bonobo123452679d ago

No sony does do hardware, they just get components and chips from these companies.
How to implement them is all Sony.
Sony has factories and a HUGE R&D department for this purpose.

YOU do some research!

ZETTA2678d ago

lol sony only puts the hardware together...i can even do that myself...


orange-skittle2678d ago

PC gaming is what it is...why do we need 2 consoles? Do companies compete on PC games?

Tr10wn2678d ago

Ugh i don't want a 800$ console

OhMyGandhi2678d ago

well, I guess they've been teaming up for some time now:

Sony is working on windows to make games.

Microsoft may be using Sony computer monitors.

maniactadpole2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

My PS3 died TWICE (in an air conditioned room). Even the 'great' Sony can produce systems which are faulty people. Anyway, i still went out to buy another one because of Uncharted 3 :D) (HUGE fan of Uncharted series btw).

zeddy2678d ago

i dont think its a new sony microsoft hybrid console. probably something to do with windows os or tablets. would be strange if they team up.

subtenko2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Let Sony do the Hardware annnd software.

I can see it now Sony and M$ being teamed up

Sony Boss: "Alright guys get to working on this secret project"

*Sony Supervisor checks the status of the M$ team* "O.o WTF are you DOING!!!?"

M$ team: "Whhat!? :P we're working on the project! whats wrong?"

Sony Supervisor: *points to red ring*

M$ team, Jeff: "....Chad I thought i told you to put duck tape over that till its fixed, GOSH!" *smacks head*

hiredhelp2678d ago

ansew to the headline

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MrAwesome2679d ago

It would be interesting to see a single console from both and see Nintendo get f***** badly, however the lack of competition would be bad for the industry.

wiggles2679d ago

I'm glad you included the point about the lack of competition. The console gamer could get so screwed it wouldn't be funny, if there was just Nintendo vs Sony/Microsoft.

mugoldeneagle032679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I'd say the average 360/PS3 owner do the exact same thing on each of their titles. Except now they wouldn't have to deal with BS timed exclusives & DLC.

On top of that think of the backlog of titles we'd have available to ALL gamers. Halo, Uncharted, Gears, God of War, all on one console. Not to mention it would undoubtedly lead the way in terms of Indie development. The connectivity of XBL with the ease of XMB.

Nintendo has kind of reinvented its image as the go-to family console. That's not what the hardcore wants. They want the Nintendo exclusives like Mario, Zelda, etc. The difference is that those games have been around for decades now, where as it doesn't make much sense at all to create a new IP and keep it exclusive to one console. The new IP won't make anything close to what a title with "Mario" in it will.

I get that there would be less to choose from in terms of hardware, but there are so many similarities between the two, and differences between them and the Wii or Wii U, that they could definitely pull it off.

And this isn't even considering how much money both companies, consumers & developers would save.

I'm not saying it will happen, but if it does, I think it would work out perfectly for all parties, both fans of Xbox/PlayStation & Nintendo. Who knows?

Blackdeath_6632679d ago

nintendo is already in decline nothing big came out of them for ages (the jappanese game developers are also in decline in my opinion) but there is nothing beneficial for sony or microsoft in teaming up if anything it encourages new gaming platforms prehaps from virgian media or apple. if they team up they will lose their monopoly as gaming giants and it might mean many more choices and generaly a huge change in gaming.

i dont think anything new in gaming is gonna happen for at the very least the next 4 years. there hasnt been any major technological advance and therefore both companies need to research and find something that will come across as next gen. increasing graphics and space simply isnt enough.

Warprincess1162679d ago

Well to nintendo fans. A port of a N64 title in 3d is big.

Baka-akaB2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

well for someone like you a lazy rehash of cod each year is something new and big :p ... so you're hardly the one that should be talking about that

EYEamNUMBER12679d ago

compared to a port of PS2 games?

Misterhbk2679d ago

Nothing beneficial if they were to team up? While I KNOW they aren't going to team up on a console, if they did they'd have Japan the entire world in the palm of their hand Xbox = NA and Sony = Japan/Europe.

PlayStation-X lol,
gah why am I feeding into this. Like I said...nothing is going to happen.

Muletroid2679d ago

nintendo in decline? depends on what YOU mean by decline

i think they recently sold the most games/hardware they ever have as well as make the most money they ever have off the WII/DS
hardly what id call decline

Gohadouken2679d ago

Lol yeah decline ... So much that all of you fanboys , aside from the fps genre , rpg or stuff originating from pc , use gameplay ideas and concept that originate from nintendo games .

What were even the last two gameplay mechanics that didnt come from a nitendo game ? QTE and cover ...

I dont like most nintendo games , but at least i wont be foolish enough to claim the videogame world is fine without nintendo constantly pushing concepts

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lil Titan2679d ago

no i want PS4 not some hybrid unstable crap.

@Son_Lee microsoft doesnt "combat" hackers they hire them

Son_Lee2679d ago

If Sony and Microsoft are teaming up, it has to be to combat hackers.

WetN00dle692679d ago

Bubbles for that, good sir!

NarooN2679d ago

Y'know, this theory makes the most sense. I think this may be what it is.

Raendom2678d ago

Or... Sony and MS are teaming up for "Microsoft approved vaio" or some random crap. Hell, Sony may have tech MS wants for windows 8. Ill eat my hat if it has anything to do with gaming (excluding SOE).

ZeroX98762679d ago

For the two of them to merge, what they should do is Sony making the hardware and Microsoft making the software. I love how the Xbox menu is so fluid and fast compared to sony`s XMB when everything takes 5-10 seconds to appear.I love how my PS3 only broke once compared to my 360 that was on his 3rd RROD until I bought the slim.

Put those two together and Nintendo doesn`t even stand a chance. Competition is always good. It pushes other company to work harder to surpass the competition and vice versa.

Bonobo123452679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I really wonder how so many people manage to break PS3's

I've dropped mine from waist hight.
It's been left on for two days straight churning on a DVD bluray menu.
My 11 yr old cousin has had her greasy fingers all over it and unplugged it raw because she could not figure out how to turn it off.
I've head butted it drunk.
It was covered in dust for a long time.
Countless hard resets due to freezes, countless cases of corrupting data due to power loss.

I don't treat it well but it still turns on without fail. Maybe the original 60GB launch models are better than the other versions in some way.