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Bone-idle writes "A welcome break from the usual gaming experiences of shooting and killing, and without the standard end game of high score points, or maps with set goals to go from A to B Journey comes as a welcome release, if a somewhat unnerving experience from the get go, all you have to go on is the assumption you must head towards the light in the distance. The rest is all part of the experience. "

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RedDead2678d ago

So what exactly happens during the journey..what types of interesting things do you encounter?

BoneIdle2678d ago

You wander around a desert and come across different buildings and sort of puzzles to do. It really hard to explain as it doesn't have a definitive goal you can do what you like.

Sounds boring but is brilliant, if you liked Flower you will love this.

Mikelarry2678d ago

bah got a beta voucher about to enjoy the game ps3 controller decides to die.

Fanbot2678d ago

this game is simply... AMAZING!

X-Zone2678d ago

Breathtaking, seriously do not pass this game up.
It evokes so many emotions in you. Mainly this overriding sense of isolation which makes you feel so lost, but when you see another player roaming around you rush to them with such excitment because you now know you're not alone. It's really incredible ThatGameCompany & Sony are a brilliant partnership that makes games like Limbo look like they were made by a 2 year old.