You're Still Playing This? SOE Releases New Screen Shots For Everquest Expansion "Veil of Alaris"

They say that you learn something new every day; Today I learned that people still play Everquest on PC. Seriously you guys still play Everquest? And what's even crazier is the fact the still release expansion packs for this game. How many does that make sixty seven of them? Ok apparently there have only been seventeen of them, but even so that is still a lot of content. The eighteenth expansion, the Veil of Alaris, is set to be released later this year.

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DanielComfort2706d ago

Good god. I remember playing this game in beta.


TinaLauro2706d ago

Yes, lad - we still play Everquest! :P Damn, the new expansion looks good! :D

rmoar2706d ago

I'm glad I retired from Everquesting. It's gone on too long.

jmobley2706d ago

I cant believe people still play that. I was playing that when I was 9

flipmop442706d ago

is everquest one of those games people will still play at the turn of the next century?

TinaLauro2706d ago

I think we should be happy that the devs are still making content, simply because they have a loyal fanbase. Think of how many times well-loved but dusty titles simply stop being supported.

Warprincess1162706d ago

No they shouldn't still be making expansions. It a waste of resources. I rather they waste that time on creating expansions for DC universe or creating a new mmo.

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