The King of Fighters XIII – Gameplay Trailer and Preview Screenshots

Enjoy the video and preview screenshots from The King of Fighters XIII.

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Cloudberry2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The Orochi Saga is the best storyline from '94 - '97.

I don't find K's storyline replacing Kyo is interesting...

Let alone Ash Crimson...

Prototype2652d ago

I actually liked 98 the best, it had all the characters I used, and the slot machine made it more interesting.

Cloudberry2652d ago

The new King Of Fighters saga begins at '99 with K' as it's new main character.

I tried both '97 & '98 on the PS1.

Oddly, it seems the controller is smoother in '97.

'98 seems lag a bit which makes me annoyed. /: (

Prototype2652d ago

I have 97 on MAME, I'll have to replay it again

an0nym0us2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Wow this game looks... fake, it looks like michael bay made this. SNK more strikes less explosions. The only character i liked in the trailer was Kim as i can tell what he was doing. Everyone else was using semtex frags, grenade launchers, RPG's and the danger close perk.

Watched the trailer again... this game now reminds me of a bad fps game where everything is about explosions =(.