Infinity Ward: 'Modern Warfare 3' Will Allow Party Chat, For The Most Part

Yesterday, at an event in New York City, MTV Multiplayer spoke with Robert Bowling, the creative strategist at Infinity Ward for "Modern Warfare 3," about whether the same Party Chat restrictions would be in place.

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Inside_out2749d ago

The article demonstrates what a dev has to go through with casuals complaining about features for the hardcore. It was done to prevent cheating as was well explained quite nicely by Infinity Ward but don't let that stop you from complaining...0_o

Soldierone2748d ago

Anyone that wants to know how annoying this cheating is...go play an FPS game on PC when people are using external messaging and chat programs....

sdtarm2748d ago

if i say I will be straight 'for the most part' does that mean that ill still be gay?

JsonHenry2748d ago

I don't care what anyone says. Trying to play as a team when everyone but you is in a party chat with others that are not playing the same game is a drag. I like the option of joining a match where I know people will be calling out enemy locations or at least NOT talking about what they did that day with someone playing kinectimals.


are you saying MW2 produced that sort of environment.

I often go into games on my own, either mikes are unplugged or the people who do have mikes are just talking crap.

I would say maybe one match out of 10k do I find someone communicating with me in an objective way.. and even then it's just that one person. The rest of the team still run around like headless chickens.

For that little benefit that I sometimes get.. I would rather just talk to my friends and be done with it. Even if they are not playing the same game.

radphil2748d ago


They're the only game that I know of that restricts a feature that people pay for on one of the systems, and you're ok with that?....

Solidus187-SCMilk2749d ago

It makes sense to keep it out of some modes, but is great for others.

I loved using it for team deathmatch when playing with my real friends, so we dont have to hear the other people. Its a great way to get away from the annoying people that you will run into online.

trainsinrdr2749d ago Show
DA_SHREDDER2748d ago

thats pretty ass backwards how they restrict something that people pay to use every month? I cant stand IW. I hope they flop along with this game.

Fishy Fingers2748d ago

It's to stop cheating or 'ghosting', means a member of your team cant tell all his mates on the other team what your all doing.

koehler832748d ago

That precludes the existence of Ventrillo, Skype... telephones...

You can't stop people from doing it. There's no point stopping legitimate players from enjoying the experience on their own terms.

Fishy Fingers2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Of course not, but you can do your bit. Not many people are sad enough to go to those extents, where as setting up a party chat would be a piece of p***.

Whether they do it or not, people will complain.

GameGoose2748d ago

I don't even have a headset, who the hell cares?

theonlylolking2748d ago

Just because you do not have a headset does not mean it cannot affect you.

GameGoose2748d ago

Actually that's exactly what it means, I went headset-less a long time ago and yes it is a challenge but I'm having more fun playing this way.

MidnytRain2748d ago

No, you misunderstand. Some will use this to cheat, and they may cheat against you.

GameGoose2748d ago

Sorry I guess I badly worded it, I mean as a non competitive gamer I still have fun regardless of whether other people are sad enough to cheat and get an upper hand.

I find most of my friends who are heaps into stats etc tend to have a less enjoyable experience then those like myself that just go with the flow. My original comment was somewhat sarcastic.

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