NPD hardware sales wont be released to the public anymore

newsweek writes

"Beginning with the October sales data, which is due later this month, NPD is going to cut way back on what they share on a monthly basis with their non-paying customers, i.e. media.

What does this mean?

For starters, no more hardware sales data. (Can you taste the bitter tears streaming from various forums and message boards?) Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will of course be free to release their own sales info-and presumably leak that of their competitors, if it'll make them look good-but we will no longer receive that data from NPD. Software sales figures will only be given for the Top Five SKUs, not the Top Ten as we normally receive. We'll eventually receive hardware numbers and Top Ten software numbers, but only on a quarterly and annual basis. There are signs that this may only be a temporary pullback, but for now, this is were things stand."

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ktchong4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

This is the funniest sh!t I've read in here!

thereapersson4001d ago

Yeah, I agree with TheRoundPeg; it's hilarious because what else will the fanboys use to back up their fruitless console war as if their lives depend on it?

Oh, well there's always VGChartz.... ;-P

LOL @ FirstKnight and the rest of the fandroid army! Pot... kettle... black... you know what's up!

fredy4001d ago

our own numbers ad spins, hey it's nothing new on this site.

wii - 14 million
Xbox 360 - 13 million
PS3 - 5 million

See how easy that was, now who you gonna believe?

Ok back to VGchartz

predator4001d ago

maybe this website will go back to bein about the games and not the sales

Zhuk4001d ago

i'm saddened by this news, less facts means that there will be even more fandroid lies and spin on this site

MK_Red4001d ago

True and sad. The only real source for sales in now not for our eyes.

Seriously, this is stupid and sad.

mighty_douche4001d ago

yeah because the 50 'sales numbers' threads that get posted here everyday have done a great job of reducing fandroid lies and spin right?

maybe, as well all call ourselves gamers we can concentrate on gaming news.

jackfatal4001d ago

yup!! am sure soon u will hear x360 sold over a million in NA! and they will say ps3 selling less then 100K!! then they will say ps3 dead and have no games!!
but we can still shut them up with the media!! now u cant really find negative news on ps3!! and sales of ps3 started to pick up!!

ktchong4001d ago

That means from now on for sale numbers, we will have to depend on only...

VG Chartz!

Ghost-Face4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

"Oh sh!t...
That means from now on for sale numbers, we will have to depend on only...

VG Chartz"!

what a waste, now VG sales numbers are really doing to cause all kinds of flame wars over the credibility of there numbers...

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The story is too old to be commented.