Xbox to Be Part of 'Single Ecosystem' and Microsoft May Ditch Windows

Microsoft, at its Worldwide Partner Conference this week, hinted at a future with some big changes in store for the company and its biggest brands. Microsoft's Andy Lees described a future where the company operates a "single ecosystem" for all things, including PCs, tablets, phones, TVs, and consoles like its Xbox platform.

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Sinner101GR2748d ago

I'm down for that, definitely.

donniebaseball2748d ago

Seems to go along with that rumor about next OS (whether it's called Windows or not) playing Xbox games

badz1492748d ago

Ditching Windows? Those 2 don't and never will belong in the same sentence.

Wenis2748d ago

No kidding, when I read the article title the first thing that came to my mind was that this was made by HHG... surprised it wasn't to be honest

Ranshak2748d ago

Its more like they may have windows come to XBox. Make the next Xbox into a locked down PC.. oh wait the current one already is.

mcgrottys2748d ago

isn't thhat what evry console/tablet/handheld is? They are all your own personal computers you just don't have access to all parts of them like a normal desktop/laptop.

Mystogan2748d ago

lol its more likely for them to ditch the xbox brand then ditch Windows.

The next Xbox will have windows 8 thats what they probably mean

sikbeta2748d ago

Now that make more sense, MS ditching windows is just impossible...

jack who2748d ago

Ditch Windows? i'd lik sum of what your smoking

DA_SHREDDER2748d ago

Microsoft might implement xbl into everything, but ditching windows?! Thats just plain heresy.

zinkabassy2748d ago Show
Rattlehead202748d ago


Super cool story bro.

We know your a PS3 fanboy..

Anon19742748d ago

Yeah, let's ditch our biggest money maker and replace it with a product that has yet to break even.

There's a word for this.'s on the tip of my tongue. Dammit, it's right there! What am I thinking?

Bigpappy2748d ago

Funny styt. I saw "Ditch Windows" and WTF came right out my mouth. I don't even curse.

maniacmayhem2748d ago

Ditching of the most if not recognized nam in PC history?

nightmarex1212748d ago

Microsoft’s future operating system could run on PCs, tablets, phones, and the hypothetical Xbox 720 in 2015.
i thought everybody said 720 going come out in 2012-13.

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The story is too old to be commented.