DLBTV: State of Gaming 2011

In this video, DLB talks about the current generation consoles and how far we have come from the launch of these consoles until now.

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lazertroy2656d ago

Gaming is Dying
Music Is Dying
TV is Dying
Sports is Dying

mcstorm2656d ago

So what this guy has just proved is that we dont need many exclusive games a year as 3rd party games is where the sales are at. The sales numbers for COD is unreal it has become the game to own this gen on 360 and ps3. Nintendo this gen have done an amazing job having all there own games in top 5 and I think for them the DS and Wii have made up the money they lost with the N64 and Gamecube.

It should be interesting to see Gears 3 VS UC3 BF3 VS MW3 towards the end of the year but like he said no matter how good BF3 looks MW3 is a name like the iphone and will still sell more this year.

But yet again another good end to a year for us gamers with the amount of games that are being released.