Why I'll Be Talking About inFamous 2 in Sunday School

[Brock from GoozerNation] The morality system in inFamous 2 is very simple, with very obvious good-or-evil choices presented to the player in the main storyline. But there are moments and interactions that occur in the game world that reveal deeper truths about morality and choice.

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zeal0us2749d ago

I can see part of the church laughing at you or having the slightest clue what your talking about. Now the kids will probably know what your talking about.

DanSolo2749d ago

lol dude.... he said talking about it in Sunday school... not church!

Sunday School is just a school kids go to on a sunday after church... so yeah it's a religious school, but a lot of the kids there will be no different then any other kids lol.

I remember going to Sunday school once when I was really little, like 5 - 7 or something... I remember it being boring and remember deciding I found school 5 days a week boring so I wasn't planning to spend a couple of hours on my weekend at another school, so I did not go back... but it was not really any different to any other class... as far as I remember....

Snowii2749d ago

talking about a video game in a religious school?

good luck with that

RyanDJ2748d ago

We all did.....

Regardless, I see faith base in a lot of gaming stories. You can get that in a lot of good vs. evil where the good wins. And since you're gaming, most of the time good does win. Albeit violently.

Only game I was frustrated/surprised at recently was Castlevania. Ended completely different than what I thought opening the box.