Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling Talks Elite, PS3 Vs. 360, and Spec-Ops in MW3

Joel Taveras writes, "This week we had Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games come to town to show off some more of Modern Warfare 3 single player as well as a preview of their retooled Spec-Ops mode. Creative strategist Robert Bowling or “@fourzerotwo” as the gaming world knows him jumped on camera to talk about everything we need to know about what will undoubtedly be the biggest game in the series (and probably the year) thus far. And while we couldn’t get him to talk about the whole fiasco, he was ready to answer everything we threw at him. Make sure to check out the full interview below."

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zeal0us2654d ago

DS:ps3 vs 360
RB:We will 360 300% seeing as M$ pays us more but ps3 we will support 100% by 100% I mean when we feel like it.
DS:Oh taking that route again...
RB:If its not broken don't fix it.
DS:Wait that saying don't even match this case.
RB: Screw the rules, We want money.

Tired of spec ops I want zombies, undead something that at least keep my interest.

JoelT2654d ago

Hahaha I love your transcription of the interview!

GirlsGeneration2654d ago

Good interview, I hope they can bring back what made call of duty 4 so great, I'm gonna give them one more chance because it is Infinity Ward this time I know people are gonna say a lot of the good people left but there's still at least half of them left

TheCampfireSong2654d ago

isn't that what you said about black ops?

GirlsGeneration2654d ago

Treyarch made Black Ops not Infinity Ward

Dart892654d ago

Sorry but they will never catch the glory that cod4 was back in the day.

Pintheshadows2654d ago

Back in the day? 4 isn't that old yet. Unless you have invented a time displacement device of some kind.

Cerbus2654d ago

It will never happen since the real team who made the first is no longer there.

ThatHappyGamer2654d ago

Yes. Respawn Entertainment (Original IW) are making a sci-fi shooter with EA as their publisher.

JohnColaw2654d ago

You know, it says a lot that everybody is continually talking shit on Infinity Ward & Treyarch (though mostly Activision), yet EACH successive game sells better than it's predecessor, as do the DLC.

A big part of it stems from the absolute charm that oozes out of Robert Bowling. He could tell you he's going to fuck you with a rusty knife, and he could still sell it.

JoelT2654d ago

LMAO!! Bubbles for you sir!

cedaridge2654d ago

I'm glad to hear from da horses mouth that the ps3 version is equal to xb360. i will be supporting both MW3 and BF3.

Persistantthug2654d ago

It's comparable to the Golden Gate bridge....looks just like it....

I swear.

Cash only, k.


cedaridge2654d ago

WOW homie didn't mean to piss on your 360. 1st of all whats wrong with wanting equal treatment on ps3? 2nd u spoke of sales, not everyone have both system so again why not have both version EQUAL? 3rd im NO fanboy i wish we had a universal type of system so that 360 supporter can experience Uncharted and ps3 supporter can experience Gears. so sale yourself some common sense for u call me out again.

snowman21492654d ago

They better not fuck up the ps3 version..again! lol

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