Gamer Gaia: Battlefield 3 Preview - What We Know So Far

The word ‘shooter’ has taken on a whole new meaning as of late. Call of Duty is mostly to blame for the recent changes in how gamers experience an FPS, but plenty of people can still recall the original series that ignited all the fuss; Battlefield. Whether or not you actually played the Battlefield games, you cannot deny the fact that this series is single-handedly responsible for online multiplayer gaming as we currently know it. The original Battlefield 1942 and its direct sequel, Battlefield 2, rapidly climbed the ranks and became the most avidly played online shooters of all time. The series has seen several spin-offs with Battlefield: Vietnam and the futuristic Battlefield 2142, but the Battlefield series has yet to see a proper entry on the console market… until now.

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Cwalk8162680d ago

No steam, no modding tools, no nothing. This makes me sad.

pixboy2680d ago

The game will still rip CoD apart without the lot.

TinaLauro2680d ago

If this doesn't build excitement, I don't know what will. Good job!

pixboy2680d ago

I've got my PC primed and ready... I can't get any more excited for this game..

DanielComfort2680d ago

Exciiiiiiited, even with the lack of modding tools. I do hope my PC can handle this thing. Couple years old, by now.

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