Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Will Borrow Gun-on-Gun Feel of CoD 4, De-Emphasize Verticality of MW2

A reduction of the number of so-called hotspots on the multiplayer maps of Modern Warfare 3 will alter and accelerate the flow of action in this fall's installment of the Call of Duty franchise juggernaut, one of the game's creators told Kotaku this week in New York City.

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fluffydelusions2705d ago

I shall reserve judgement until I actually play it. Same goes for BF3.

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blumatt2705d ago

This actually sounds good. I hope they emphasize more the players using guns against each other than having an airplane or helicopter above getting you like 10 or more kills each time. I liked how in CoD4 you had to EARN more of your kills and, while there were your occasional airstrike or helicopter, they were more easily taken down. And they didn't stay in the air for like 2 minutes like they did in MW2.

MSpence5162705d ago


"Earn" kills in Cod4? I suppose you don't remember that kill streak kills counted towards other kill streaks. I remember when people would get a chopper and kill themselves, hide and call out said chopper to allow it to get kills and then repeat the process.

ilikestuff2705d ago

well theyre smart enough to try to make it more like cod4. thats a pleasant surprise. now if they can pull it off. cod4 was in my opinion the best online ive ever played. thats me though.

DarkTower8052704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Yeah, I'm renting first. My Robert Bowling bullshit meter is still broken from MW2. The maps from COD4 are still the best of the COD series imo. If they go back to that style and get rid of the bullshit MW2/BO killstreak system I'll be happy.

Oh, and give me my AK74u from COD4, not the gimpy version in BO.

badz1492704d ago

Keep hyping it up! Maybe eventually you guys can come out with a game that is not crap for once!

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starcb262705d ago

Going back to their roots sounds great to me, hopefully they don't mess up.


@fluffydelusions If i could give u 100agress i would...People r just hyping BF3 to b like the second coming of jesus and trolling every COD article.

RedDead2704d ago

"BF3 to b like the second coming of jesus"

You must understand, it IS the second coming of Jesus

Although in reality Jesus was a bum

SephirothX212704d ago

Aside from being fictitious, Jesus did many good things.

At least they're trying to respond to the wants of the fans but I won't believe it until I play it.

solidboss2704d ago

SKYRIM is the second coming of jesus =)

adamant7152705d ago

More like post of the year.

wsoutlaw872705d ago

so they are making it easier, really.

Trunkz Jr2705d ago

Why not Re-release CoD4 and just call it MW3?

Ascalon942705d ago

tbh MW2 and prolly 3 have been expansions to 4

snipes1012704d ago

I really hope the maps on here are less claustrophobic and corner laden than the ones in MW2 and BLOPS. They made the game into a thoughtless sprintathon bloodbath. Make the maps more like COD4 and give me a good campaign and I'll be happy.

kparks2700d ago

all i think about when i hear of more building levels i think about campers hiding in corners

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Raven_Nomad2705d ago

Sounds amazing as always. Glad we get to utilize XBL party chat once again. Better communication between myself and my clan/teammates is always a good thing. November cant get here fast enough.

Inside_out2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Lots of great links there if any one wants to follow them...they basically say the same thing, COD MW3 is going to be EPIC and undeniable.

Black ops sold 7 million copies in 24 hours and took a whole 6 weeks to make a

I hope they ignore the haters and stay in line with what made the franchise a Battlefield/MOH destroyer...great game play. Well done Activision, you deserve it. John Ravioli at EA is in the fetal position somewhere right

blumatt2705d ago

"Black ops sold 7 million copies in 24 hours and took a whole 6 weeks to make a"
Please tell me one good reason why and how that makes it a good game. Just one reason. I mean, of course, it's good they sell alot to make their development money back, but to you and me, gamers, why should that matter? I'll probably end up getting MW3 if they go back to their CoD4 roots, back when it was pure fun and took more skill and not just calling in perks all the time. I just don't understand why people tout CoD selling XX million copies when it means nothing to us as far as quality goes. I'll also be getting Battlefield 3 though, a game that touts quality and not sales. They're both good games, but one has a fanbase that is absolutely OBSESSED with sales.

BubbleSniper2705d ago

you're a fool. take your imaginary billion and shove it.

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Snowii2705d ago

i swear if they will put ghost again...

JeffGUNZ2705d ago

I know. They need to reduce the camping perks. They really need to mirror it like COD4 or else it will just be a giant let down again.

Snowii2705d ago

also make some decent maps

to many corners on black ops

Cablephish2705d ago

And get rid of coward perks like marathon and lightweight. I hate seeing an enemy kill one of my allies and run away with both of those perks.

Yeah and remove any angles that are 90 degrees or smaller.

TekoIie2705d ago

I think lightweight should stay in since it makes sense and is fair for players who use shotguns (if they're like the ones in BLOPS) since it helps close the gap quicker between you and the target. But marathon has to go, its not overpowered or anything like that but it just allows players to get a vantage point quicker at the start of a game which isnt fun to go against...

Yo Mama2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


God, you all need to stop whining. Learn to play the game with the perks that are there for you to use. There is always a perk that is going to get used that seems like it may be unfair, but guess what. The beauty of it is that almost every perk has another perk to counter it.

You can't bitch and moan and expect them to take out every damn thing you disagree with. If so, they should just take out every weapon while they're at it. Have us run around and melee people with our bare hands. There are always going to be strength and weaknesses of each item in a game.

I may curse and get mad at people who kill me using heartbeat sensors, thermal etc, but I know that once I get tired of getting killed by them I can change loadouts to counter it. If they are going to take anything out, it should be something that is truly unfair and that would be "no scoping". You can't shoot someone in real life if the damn sight isn't on the target.

The moral of this reply is:
Stop being whiny pussies and learn to adapt.

JeffGUNZ2704d ago

@ yo mama

Obviously you haven't really played COD4 that much because that installment had perfect balance with perks. Perks are great, but when you cater to casuals (ie death perks) and whatnot, it ruins the balance. No one is complaining about perks in general, it's just the implementation of new perks to the series that take the game away from its roots.

You could lose your leg and adapt to having one leg, but that doesn't mean it's something that we have to enjoy and love.

Also, this is a comment section about an article that has this in its body. This is the perfect forum to discuss our opinions about the matter.

Yo Mama2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@ JeffGUNZ

"No one is complaining about perks in general, it's just the implementation of new perks to the series that take the game away from its roots."

But it IS a new game in the series. There should be new perks as well as a mix of older ones. If you want and expect every new game to play like the original COD 4, you should probably just play COD 4 instead.

JeffGUNZ2703d ago

yo mama

You're missing the point and even IW has come to a realization on what has actually driven the original success of COD4 and it wasn't the fire and light show that they tried to add to MW2. It's wasn't the over-the-top perks and killstreaks. It was focused more on the players ability to outgun another player. A lot of the time in MW2, the airspace is so crowded you can't call in some killstreaks. It's a little excessive. Choppergunner, pavelow, etc kind of perks that limit the playability. Whenever a choppergunner is called in you can't really compete and get out in the open to move towards anything. Things like that have ruined to core experience. Sure, add new perks and killstreaks, but keep them simplistic and less of the over-the-top stuff they had before.

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zeddy2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

your're worried about ghost pro being in the game?! how about second chance?! ghost pro is good for hiding from air support and i've never encountered anyone who is that good at camping with ghost, i'll always get them. second chance is good for being cheap and annoying even after the patch.
lets face it you have to be a 10 year old to use it. if they put second chance or final stand or anything similar in the game i wont buy it.

Sillyace922705d ago

Good thing is they confirmed Last Stand/Second Chance is not going to be in the game. So happy about that

f7897902705d ago

I ran into someone good. They would keep moving to every dark spot on the map with a shot gun. He would always have a sniper rifle as a primary weapon so all you got to see was a bush on the ground that turned out to be him crouched.

Kee2704d ago

I just get annoyed at ghost if I go to the bother of calling in recon and decide to sprint around a corner only to find someone with ghost right in my face because I didn't think there was anyone there because I've been looking at the map.

Second chance is the noobiest perk ever concieved. The people who use it don't deserve a freaking second chance.