Modern Warfare 3: A Multiplayer Promise Gone Too Far?

With Activision’s mega franchise gearing up for yet another spectacular release into the gaming calendar later this year, fans across the globe will be asking whether Modern Warfare 3 can bring the good stuff. The pressure is absolutely enormous on the studios involved (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, Beachhead) simply because of just how successful previous titles have been and the time frame in which they have to best their own company’s performance.

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Inside_out2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


" The Modern Warfare 3 team teased a while back that some of Battlefields’ most iconic and impressive features will be emulated in the new Call Of Duty game "

It would be ridiculous for COD to go BACKWARDS towards Battlefield ( yawn ) style of game play. COD easily out sells that game because people don't want that, never did and COD would pay a big price going in that direction.

COD is the phenom it is because they left that bore-fest game play behind to embrace a smoother, faster, deadlier and just plain cooler streamlined game play style.

COD is the highest selling game this gen and easily the most played game/franchise on line ever. Why degrade your self to EA-Dice Battlefield 3 standards. It's like Ferrari trying to be Honda...O_o

HeavenlySnipes2747d ago

Can't wait to come back and read your replies

bumnut2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Are you 'special' ?

I think by boring game play he means game play which actually involves tactics and team work. COD is just 6 Rambos per side chasing each other around a tiny map.

HK62747d ago

Your name reflects the problem with your argument. BF3 gameplay is a major step up from CoD.

trenso12747d ago

you must be a special kind of stupid to say something like. battlefield is a step up from cod and is way ahead of them in gameplay. i get bored of cod really quick going 29-2 and still losing the game is the worst there is no team at all just a free for all. i swear people are only on a team in hope that their team saves them. but that team only wanted the kill he doesnt care if you live or die as long he gets his killstreak cod is primitive. i literally seen team mates watch others die just to get one kill! at least battlefield that bs doesnt happen

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Grip2747d ago

"The multiplayer arena is the reason why Black Ops (which came out late last year) is still fetching around £25/$35 pre-owned while Dead Space 2 (released only this January) is barely staying above £10/$20. So the big question is, whether the MW3 multiplayer will amaze and enthuse."
that what hurt our industry stupid B!tch watch a mediocre, online full of kids, outsell A great Game!