Aonuma says it’s a problem that Zelda games take so long to make, wants to get them out faster

Producer discusses why most Zelda games aren't out for launch and says that he'd like to make them quicker.

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Xof2656d ago

Well... the DS games came out fairly quickly, right?

I think the key is to follow the example of Majora's Mask (AND THE ENTIRE WESTERN HEMISPHERE) and start re-using game engines, or at the very least assets, in new games.

There's no (good) reason why we couldn't see a WiiU launch title using the engine and assets from Wind Waker, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. Likewise, there's no (good) reason why we couldn't see a 3DS Zelda game next year re-using assets from either the two DS titles, or the Ocarina of Time update.

Building each new game from the ground up is horridly inefficient. It really only works with low-budget titles, or games that are radically different from each other (but even then, not always--Lost Odyssey, for example, used the Unreal Engine as a base). With Zelda games, where the mechanics are (necessarily) very similar between titles, it's downright silly to start over from scratch for each new game.

MintBerryCrunch2656d ago

here's a crazy idea, i know Zelda is as established of a franchise as can be beside Mario and all the other Nintendo franchises, BUT what is stopping all of this talent from creating some new and exciting IP's, if Miyamoto announced a new IP i don't think that anyone here would be second guessing the decision, the guy has so many games under his belt, that failing is almost impossible

i'd love to see what they can come up with if only they left that safety bubble of improving and using the successful formula behind their top selling franchises

Shackdaddy8362655d ago

There will be new IPs when the wiiu comes out. Some they said they will try to aim towards "adults" ( )

ATiElite2656d ago

.........Let Activision make them.

Call of Zelda : Hyrule Warfare
Call of Zelda : Link Ops

NegativeCreep4272656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Call of Zelda: A World of War To The Past!

I'm just continuing the jollification that was started from ATiElite. If Activision were to truly take control of the Nintendo Zelda IP, I'm sure that they would continue to go along with the practice model of: Quantity of IP Is Greater Than Recognition of IP.

The same practice model that they have employed with the Call of Duty franchise since 2004.

Nicaragua2656d ago

Ocarina Hero - complete with plastic peripheral ocarina instrument for you to jam along to your favourite rocking ocarina tune.

Tony Hawkes: Hyrule shred ride yeah!

ATiElite2655d ago

LMAO! Ocarina Hero!

Call of Zelda: A World of War To The Past!...very clever..clever indeed!

qwertyz2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

why not make a new IP they've been on zelda, mario,star fox metroid and donky kong for over 20 years now ? zelda games are always the same, save the princes and fight ganondorf( who by the way just keeps coming back to life) he has always been the final boss of all zelda games, this has been the story for over 20 YEARS it maddening but the game is still pretty fun

Active Reload2656d ago

It's true, but has anyone ran into any glitches with those games? I hope with Wii U's hardware, it doesn't equate to having patches. There seems to be a trend with games built around stronger tech, more hiccups occuring. Anyone notice this?

Nicaragua2656d ago

The more freedom and interaction you have within a 3d enviroment then the more likely you are going to be able to break from what the programmer intended and cause a glitch.

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