Zelda Producer Wants to Make 'Something New'

Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma has been working on the cherished Nintendo franchise since Ocarina of Time, which shipped back in 1998. That's a long time to devote to one franchise, even one as popular as Zelda, so it would be perfectly understandable if Aonuma-san wanted to do something else.

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dangert122748d ago

I'd like to see something new from nintendo a big new franchise

gears of wat

are all new IP
that shit on new nintendo IP
im bored of mario now until they make a real story with emotional ties etc nintendo are moving foward so slow IMO

and it is said for me id love to see a mario with ful voice actiong a deep emotional story great cutscenes etc

Warprincess1162748d ago

I agree. People are so dumb that they just keep buy re-releases of nintendo games. The Zelda 3ds port. $40 for upgrded graphics. 2d mario is still stuck in the 90s. No innovation there. Until people stop buying things for the nostalgia. Nintendo never gonna change.

news4geeks2748d ago

lol, I actually agree with a lot of your sentiments toward nintendo.

rexbolt2748d ago

2d marios? mario galaxy isent 2d and warprinseess stop talken smck when u play cod ders 40 of them out already man 40!

Fierce Musashi2748d ago

A real story with emotional ties? I didn't know that was a requirement for games now. Mario games were never praised for such things, for they are ( for the most part ) purely about gameplay. I thought gamers would have figured that out by now.

To Warprincess116:
Holy crap, not you..... AGAIN. So you mean to tell me everyone bought Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., Metroid, Kirby, etc. for only "nostalgia" purposes, rather than the fact that those are good games?

dangert122748d ago

well thats why im not buying mario ive never completed a single mario game in my life they start of fun but the lack of anything bores me

DarkFantasy2748d ago

WoW you never beat a mario game yet here you are talking the shit,you obviously don't know any thing about mario,zelda or nintendo why even comment..gtfo

dangert122748d ago

just because i ain't beat one don't mean ive never played on or no nothing about them maybe there just not complelling enough? ive watch loads of people complete them but i personally need a good story

TruthbeTold2747d ago

What's with all of these Nintendo hating children commenting in Text message language? Good grief this crap is annoying...

jacksonmichael2748d ago

Hey, look. Three trolls in the same place. And... they're being nice.

Ness-Psi2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I'm sure we will see some new franchises from Nintendo on the Wii U. but there will always be a Mario or Zelda ect on a Nintendo console.

Getowned2748d ago

this is great news that they want to try something new,Zelda is one of my favorite games i would be really intrested to see what they come up with,Nintendo needs new ip's and hardcore ip's at that but i still would like to see mario,zelda,metroid,kurby,mari o kart,smash bro's,donky kong,starfox,pikmin,ect these are all great games and franchises and there always changing and have lasted with the test of time you don't play mario for a story you play for fun and game play,the wii u is very promising so far nintendo is starting to sound like there old self but i hope they don't dump it all on 3rd party devs for hardcore games they should make some too!

Etseix2748d ago

Just hope they do a good Zelda game,

why they have to screw it so much ? u_U

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