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Fromsoftware has a long history of creative games that dates all the way back to 1997, with the first release of Armored Core on the PlayStation One. Now the seasoned developer is back at it with their latest release of Dark Souls, the successor to Demo’s Souls.

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BobbyMcCOOL2651d ago

great game but nitch for sure, it's hard.

egidem2651d ago

Dark Souls is definitely one of my most anticipated games. I played Demon's Souls and I repeatedly got my ass handed back to me. It is hard, and really really punishes you for failing; but for some reason I kept on coming back, it's just sooo deep and engaging/rewarding as well.

It's good to see that they kept the hardness bar the same.

nix2650d ago

i wonder who disagreed with you.

i had such a terrifying time playing DS. first that world isn't human friendly. you are alone and as if that's not enough black phantoms jump in to steal whatever you have earned so far. great game.

baker_boi2646d ago

Lol c'mon now yall this is gettin tiring. That game wasn't that hard.

The game is hard because in the beginning you don't know what to and what you can do.

But once you know how to get through all the enemies and bosses the game practically becomes a cake walk.

I proved this to my friend one day and started a new character one weekend and beat the game with minimal grinding in two days.

Demon souls allows you to play strong or play smart. It depends on how you build your character.

The thing that gets most people is that totally crap their first character build and in reality they need to start over.

My Tip: Build towards what you want to end up using. If you want to use all the heavy weapons, build towards that first and then build towards Magic or Miracles.

You want to Use all the Magic or Miracles? Build towards those first(leaving off attack attribute) and don't waste Souls on other things that don't add to your certain build.

Hope that helps somebody.

jerethdagryphon2644d ago

demon souls is hard only if you not used to thinking your way though a game#

i had more deaths do to falling off off planks then i did in combat

Solidus187-SCMilk2651d ago

Demon's sould is great. I cant wait to buy dark sould and support from software for making such an awesome game.

Ser2651d ago

Oh, come on! It's pretty much a sequel.

FromSoftware just called it "Dark Souls" because of licensing with Sony.

Regardless, I can't wait for this beast of a game.

SweatyFlorida2651d ago

yah, kinda annoying how they try to play it off all the time :p Totally stoked for the game though :D

Cereal2651d ago

It's not a sequel at all otherwise I would be interested in it. Their just rehashing ideas from Demon's Souls. I'll be skipping dark souls (and not just because it's coming out at the worst possible time) but because I would rather wait for Demon's Souls 2. Demon's Souls ending ended in a cliff hanger and I wanna know what happens next.

kramun2651d ago

So you're going to miss out on a great game just to wait for a game that may not ever turn up?

Cereal2651d ago

No, I'm going to miss out on a mediocre game because I would rather play Rage, The Darkness 2, & Twisted Metal instead. If I manage to finished all 3 then Batman: AC will be out around the time and better games keep piling up after that.

Not going to waste my time on some mediocre clone (regardless if it's by the same devs who made Demon's Souls or not as it's still just a poorly cloned concept) when I could wait for the next REAL Demon's Souls experience instead.

Louis_Guzman2651d ago

Funny, cause I think all those games you mentioned are pretty mediocre looking. Your loss, bud. That's one less noob for me to invade when I pick up Dark Souls, too bad.

Grip2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

What?!!!!! so u love DS and u wait for DS2 but u won't buy dark souls bucz its mediocre ?, come on man! it's have the Same Gameplay and almost everything and u didn't play the game to call it mediocre, i think i smell Fanboy here is it bucz it will come to Xbox 360?? , man grow up !

Kishin2650d ago

There won't be any Demon Souls 2... :/

Drekken2650d ago

Cereal is waiting for mediocre games instead of a sequel to one of the best games this gen.

Been on N4G for 10minutes and I am ready to sign out. You people....

blahblah2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

lol, how can something be a bad clone, when authors are the same?

from software told they are using winning formula and taking into consideration the things people didn't like in ds as basis for this new game. guess what, people dueling didn't like one fact that there was impossible to have real fair 1v1. one always had hp/tendency penalty, which made tournaments kinda hard to keep balanced

beside that, ds was not cliffhanger, you either stopped the mist or instigated new cycle with you as demon in charge. first finishes the soul hunger and second puts you into a tree where you feed on souls being killed like old beast did. just how would you continue this?

you should rather face reality, you hate dark souls since it comes on 360 too

jerethdagryphon2644d ago

uh not really , 2 endings both tidy things away nicly
no clifhanger worthy of a sequal

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Godmars2902651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

An adjustment that puts Demon's Souls on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 where it probably belonged in the first place.

Sans the sanctuary of course.

Though I still think that the cross game chat feature on XBL would have ruined the air of solitude the game has.

Si-Fly2650d ago

Fanboy much? Xbl cross game chat is not a feature that you have to use when playing a game as far as I know.

blahblah2650d ago

i sincerely doubt he is a fanboy for saying that.

one thing that anyone gradually learned by playing demon's souls is that silence, loneliness and lack of chat was making just the right mix of horror atmosphere. by having cross game chat one might simply use it from habit and never realize what he missed out simply because he used it. i for one am happy that it comes out on 360 (especially if cross play will be possible), but i also hope for 360 players sake that chat will somehow be disabled so no one can miss out this great feature.

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