Final Fantasy XIV Scraps The Fatigue System

Today Square Enix announced that the infamous Fatigue system will be scrapped altogether with patch 1.18, scheduled to be released on July the 21th.

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zeal0us2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Personally SE should put more time into ff14 before it was release, ff14 should of been the successor to ff11.

Hopefully SE will stop bsing and start producing some good stuff. One can only hope x13-2 or versus will be good.

Abriael2652d ago

SE has produced some really nice games lately, especially over the handheld market. The new Tactics Ogre is a real treat.

Though it's quite obvious that they should have waited quite a lot more before releasing FFXIV. It seems to be a common desease nowadays between MMO developers.

At least, instead of firing people and scrapping the game, they're letting people play for free as they work hard to bring it back to speed.
I know quite a lot of other MMORPGs that could have benefitted a LOT from that kind of course of action.

Misterhbk2652d ago

Getting rid of the fatigue system is a huge plus. That was a terrible idea to begin with so I'm glad they made that choice.

BubbleSniper2652d ago

you're telling me. the fatigue system was really the main thing that was keeping me away from this game.

now I am deciding if I should try it out on PS3 or go big graphics with PC.

Might just wait for the PS3 version, compare some LEGIT reviews (not FF fanboys or console fanboys) then weigh in and go from there.

JAMurida2652d ago

I still think the whole reason of having the fatigue system in the game was too just slow down the fast levelers in the game due to lack of content. There is no way a feature like that would of stayed in that game or any game at that.

JAMurida2652d ago

I agree and disagree.

The way I look at it is this. If they didn't released the game early like they did then most of these changes we are seeing right not, probably wouldn't be happening like they are and the game could of been in a worse spot then it was at launch.

While on the other hand, if they would of spent the extra time in making it, it would of been a more polished title and what not, but would it of been better then what's being changed in the game now?

I personally like how it is now. Basically SE, is starting to make FFXIV into FFXI 2, which IMO was what they SHOULD of done in the first place. I also think it's good that they are looking back at the good things that made FFXI amazing, while adding new things that make it fresh. THAT is what you call a successor.

BubbleSniper2652d ago

Slow down the fast levelers? excuse me for ignoring the grind and setting focus on a goal. Don't even release the game if you want to "slow down fast levelers"

I'm one of those people with multiple characters on whatever game I play, which are at the maxed level to boot.

I did it with Diablo, Diablo 2, Everquest/2, AoC and WoW and FFXI. This game wouldn't be anything different.

People like myself find our own replay value within an MMO by setting different goals for different characters/character slots.

If you want to make monsters harder to slow me down? That's fine, I can find a way around that.... but to directly slow me down by killing off my exp? F that. I've been enjoying MMO's and have participated in many communities, this fatigue system is championed by people are who not nearly as dedicated to the art of the grind.

they want to be the same playing field yet, don't want to put in the time that is necessary.

JAMurida2652d ago


Whoa... Don't get me wrong, I'm on your team, lol. I'm not saying that I agree with it or anything like that. But at the same time I understand WHY they would put something like that in the game.

SE stated before the game came out that they wanted to try and keep the core and casual players as close as possible and not make it to where there is a big gap between them, *aka fatigue system*. But as I said before, I personally always thought it was just a way to slow the fast levelers down.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I just want a Ps3 release date. Even though I think it will be then postponed at least once ...

OT: Probably fatigue system was really too harsh, but I can not help but find a positive aspect: also if players were forced to change their job that fatigue system made every character more flexible and adaptable to the party/linkshell needs ( I remember when in FFXI often we couldn' t find enough red mages, it was such a pain ) ...

All in all there are good news, SE is working hard to make the game as the players want, just what I wanted.

Abriael2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The fatigue system in itself wasn't a bad idea, it's implementation, though, was way too lopsided to be well received.

I'm hoping for a release date on PS3 for the Tokyo Game Show.

Arnon2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

You ready to scrap the random ass market system and put in a structured auction house so people don't have to search through multiple bazaars finding a single item that can be extremely overpriced? There's a reason the AH has existed in every MMO. It works, and is essentially needed to keep a well-organized economy.

Or how about removing the whole physical/job levels being separate statistics so people aren't forced to reallocate their stats every time they want to go from a melee job to a mage job, and instead just make it like FFXI where the jobs are preset with stats like most MMOs?


Abriael2652d ago

You may be a bit behind. They already implemented a centralized search system long ago, that lets you search through all bazars at once and shows you all the prices in real time.

Redempteur2652d ago

hum about time i guess ?

at least the step in the right direction are clear

Lucreto2652d ago

Did they get rid of the points needed to teleport to different places?

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