Driver: San Francisco - First 13:37 Minutes

Watch the first 13:37 minutes of Driver: San Francisco. Be sure to click on HD to watch the video in high definition.

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HydroCopper2655d ago

This looks absolutely god awful. If this is a full price game it will be a total insult to gamers worldwide.


what was so bad about it ( apart from having to listen to it in German)? It didn't blow me away, but I have seen much, much worse..

Would like to know the reason for your comment.

Pintheshadows2654d ago

Dude, it doesn't look that bad. Go play Mindjack if you want 'god awful'.

panch0t0rt1lla2652d ago

how long have you had your head in the sand? IGN and several other gaming sites have all said that this game has mad potential. an that the multiplayer is very fun and the game may indeed live up to the first driver. what many fail to realize is that Driver 1 was years ahead of its time and set the bar for free roaming car chase games like GTA 4 and Saints Row today. yet I have to excuse myself for trying to talk sense into a troll...

Oldman1002654d ago

Two things that got my attention:

-That convict carrier must have one hell of an engine if it can outpace a muscle car.

-I'd like to know where i can find acid that can eat through thick metal chains in 2 seconds.

panch0t0rt1lla2652d ago

hand cuff chains arent that thick really... if the chemical is powerful enough it can eat through it pretty quick. hell your stomach acid can eat through the hood of a car, and it is just simply hydrochloric acid pretty much.

lzim2654d ago

very lovely. can't wait to try this one.