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GameDynamo - "If you’re a wrestling fan, then maybe you’ve been watching WWE’s Tough Enough, the new reality show starring Stone Cold Steve Austin. On the show, fledgling wrestlers get their shot at WWE greatness. Now, with Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, it’s your turn to learn the ins and outs of professional wrestling. "

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zeal0us2679d ago

this game look like a joke. no offense to wwe fans

DlocDaBudSmoka2679d ago

none taken since hogan is in TNA or should i say impact wrestling.

TheRichterBelmont2679d ago

Ugh. Looks like walking garbage.

BubbleSniper2679d ago

so, it's ONLY on Xbox 360? lol

"requires kinect sensor"

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2679d ago

wow. this looks awful. it will sell a few copies by using hulk hogans name, this really looks like it should be a 9.99 download special. Feel sorry for the poor parents who are going to get this for their kid to realize they could have wiped their butt with the 40 they threw down on this, to have the kid never pick it up out of the box again.

I have a feeling they could have used him for motion capture, this will be like slow dancing with your grandma. Thanks a bunch microsoft, this is just what the people were hoping that kinect would lead to. /S

As a young child I liked Hulk Hogan, but going to a live event and seeing him in person broke the barrier. All I can say is those camera guys made him who he is, without their magic tricks he would have been just another big guy on the roster. Most of the guys can at least make it look like they are hitting/being hit, this guy is just plain sorry. At a live show he fell before the guy even made a forward motion with the chair, better than the finger poke of doom.

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