The Leaderboard: top 5 future games to skip work for

Game Hunters:
"For those who may have noticed, our weekly Leaderboard feature went on hiatus for a couple weeks.

Since our list of submissions has dried up, we're going to try a different approach with The Leaderboard starting next week."

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jessupj2650d ago

I agree with this list for the most part, except for MW3, but of course the casuals that don't know any better will eat it up.

Dark Souls is definately my most anticipated game right now. I can not wait to go through another level in the Demon's Souls universe without knowing where any of the monters are, or even what monters will show up or how to defeat them safely (I use the term 'safely' in a very broad sense). Don't even get me started on the bosses.

I was a bit of a cheater with Demon's Souls as I looked up quite a few boss fights on youtube, but i want to do things right with Dark Souls. Can't wait.

strange19862650d ago

I'm surprised Skyrim isn't on there.

OdinFallen2646d ago

Just another person posting THEIR most wanted list...sigh*