Kinect Star Wars - GRTV presentation

Executive producer Robert Jerauld gave GRTV a quick demo of the upcoming Kinect Star Wars.

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Bonobo123452654d ago

seems as though these dev's have given up on the controller, thinking that we have reached the apex of what a controller is capable of.

I for one feel as though there is so much unexplored potential for controller implementation and design.
So many games stick to the same traditions for button allocation and interface use. Progressing and innovating the use of a controller will lead to far more interesting games that allow a player far more control over one's character and environment than motion based.

Its seems that with Kinect and motion based controls we are going back to very basic games, where one can play these simple scenes acting them out. They call this 'progression' but in respects to the game itself I see a huge leap backwards to basic gameplay.

I can get no gratification from this.

Simco8762654d ago

This video shines light on the Star Wars game, but other videos have shown this game to be horribly broken.

It's sad to see them use Kinect and not Move for this. I mean you have a perfect setup to use Move, but I see $$$$ coming into play here...

The force is not with this one... even Kit Fisto can't save it. (Didn't last long against the sith if you remember)