Batman Arkham City Two-Face Details Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed details about Two-Face, the sinister alter-ego of Gotham City lawyer Harvey Dent.

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zeal0us2706d ago

Why is the robot chicken parody of two face pops in my mind?

trainsinrdr2706d ago

Um hes got two faces what else is there...

Quagmire2706d ago

He only has one face, its just different on each side

Pozzle2706d ago

Really? There's like a whole story behind Two-Face, his motives, his split personality disorder, etc. He isn't just "some guy with two faces". o.O

bjh0892706d ago

i was expecting story details like when you come across him and other stuff boo!!!!

CatGlue2706d ago

He looks pretty cool, is this exclusive?