EuroGamer - Team Fortress 2 - Re-review

EuroGamer - There isn't one game called Team Fortress 2. There are hundreds. Its famously long development time used to see it compared to Duke Nukem Forever, but that doesn't hold water any more: Duke's finished. The development of TF2 goes on and on: new weapons, new levels, new gametypes, new accessories, new achievements, new features, new hats. All updates are free. And now, so is the game.

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GamerSciz2656d ago

I would give TF2 a 9/10 as the most recent review. Valve has added so many weapons that it's nearly impossible to keep entirely balanced. While the game is now F2P they make sh*t tons of money off people buying items and packs and keys for stupid crates.

Still it's a great game and tons of fun but it's not what it used to be.

Perjoss2656d ago

Pay attention to this score people, or pr0nography staring your mother will be the 2nd worst thing that happens to you today.

meetajhu2655d ago