The Eye of Judgment: Pro-G Review

Pro-G writes: "The Eye of Judgement is the most nerd-tastic game I've ever played. It appeals to a side of me that I regularly battle to keep from blurting out of my mouth down the pub. But it's there, fighting to be heard, in danger of humiliating me at the most inappropriate moments. EoJ is like feeding a bug with milk - it fuels this seedy underbelly of magic, dragons and orcs, forcing my stomach to go all gurgly at the site of the Biolith God Phaseus emerging from the depths of the battlefield. I'm fighting the urge to play the game right now, as I type this. There's something about it that's pulling me towards ultimate geekdom. The thing is, I'm not sure I can hold on. I'm not sure I want to hold on."

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Siesser4001d ago

I've let get, and it's well-worth the experience. Nerd-tastic is an understatement, but that matters little when it's so much fun. Just wish I had people online to play with; no one on my buddly list has gotten it yet :-(