McNamara's Sock Puppet Discusses L.A. Noire's Working Conditions

There still seems to be a lot of mud-slinging happening between the ex-employees of L.A. Noire’s Team Bondi and those who are siding with McNamara. The debate still ranges on about whether the employees’ working conditions were as horrendous as previously stated. The newest argument in this he-said-she-said debate is made by the lead programmer who argues that ex-employees are out to destroy the studio.

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TinaLauro2656d ago

Seems like the debate is as fierce as ever. I'd love to have been a fly in the wall in that office!

DanielComfort2656d ago

Can't help but be on the side of the employees. I mean, I suppose that could change if there's some strong evidence produced, which could tip me in the other direction.

flipmop442656d ago

i'd say they weren't held captive and forced to work so they should just shut up and have quit earlier if it was that bad