ProgSkeet – Return of PS3 Hacking?

Hacking: Sony’s #1 fear. After PS Jailbreak scare last August and fail0verflow’s cracking of software encryption (followed by the publishing of the key itself by hacker Geohot) earlier this year, Sony has been struggling to hold back the hordes of hackers, gnawing at the PS3′s security. Just yesterday however it seems like another blow has been struck against Sony: it’s called Progskeet, nicknamed “The Last Mile”. What is this new threat and will it have any serious long term implications? Read on for more.

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maxcavsm2651d ago

Oh, for god's sake, could we just leave Sony alone so they can publish games already?

THC CELL2651d ago

ive heard of this before and it set of fire

arcamicha2651d ago

i swear they should just find all the hackers and throw their asses in jail. Its really starting to piss me off

Godmars2902651d ago

Console hacking versus network hacking almost sounds like a relief.