Naughty Dog: Nothing Wii U has that PS3 and Vita don't

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has given its opinion on the Wii U. While seemingly interested in the new Nintendo console, according to game director Justin Richmond, the PS3 and Vita have everything the Wii U does.

"To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there's nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn't," Richmond said.

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nopunctuation2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Sounds like he has inside information and has probably played the Wii U. Id say this is pretty credible as a source for the future of Wii U.

Ducky2705d ago

Well, I wouldn't exactly consider it credible when they're a sony first-party dev commenting about a rival platform.

SuperLupe2705d ago

Yeah...who better than Sony employess to praise the Wii U...very credible source indeed /s

SillySundae2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

(... plus my opinion if I agree with him)

"To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there's nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn't,"
<<...I DISAGREE - the Wii U is very very different. There WILL be things it can do that the PS3/360 can NOT do ... and vice-versa>>

"You know, it's an interesting piece of technology, and I'm interested to see how people use it."
[...I AGREE. I'm still waiting on more news on its implementation]

"I'm not completely sold yet. That the screen isn't multi-touch, that's a little weird,"

"It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I'm sure that the games they make for Wii U will be amazing "
[...I AGREE - I was one of the Wii skeptics that ended up buying it and enjoying it with my kids]

RedDead2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

He's wrong, the WiiU is specifically made for two screens to be used at once, most if not all games will use this for whatever reason, Vita and Ps3 will never have a game that REQUIRES both the controller TV and a TV for it.

Vita and Ps3 are there own system truely, combining them is nothing but a bonus.

nickjkl2705d ago

i know red dead

its like the ps3 will never have a game that REQUIRES both the move controler and the a tv

how about that remote play on PSP sure you couldnt play ps3 games or ps2 games but you could play minis over it

not to mention it streamed your music and videos over the internet to the psp hmm i heard wii u controller only worked in the house

DaTruth2705d ago

I made a comment a few days back of this possibility for PS4; but a firmware update on PS3 could easily make this a reality!

gamingdroid2705d ago

"But there's nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn't,"


For one, it is one bundle that doesn't require you to buy a PS3 and a Vita (which by itself is almost as much as a PS3). Wii U is also backwards compatible....

I'm sure there are more, but that is right off the top of my head.

KingSlayer2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The same first party dev that thanked Bungie and Infinity Ward at the end of UC2. Yeah, they would just purposely say shit without any reason :/

The Wii U also doesn't require you to buy another controller (potentially priced at $150). Because they won't sell them. They also don't require you to play on the road with the controller. Since, you know, the Wii U still uses a sensor bar.

lil Titan2705d ago

the wii u is unique and different and dont see what it can do that the PS3 cant do, the tech is there for both of the systems, its just that Sony doesnt plan to have a big ass controller in your living room. but seriously what can the wii u do that the PS3 cant do with the NGP? (yes im calling it that)

Montrealien2705d ago

I believe the vita and the PS3 can do everything Wii U can.

evrfighter2705d ago

I'd pick carmacks opinion over some first party dev. This dude is coming off like he's in damage control mode.

wolokowoh2705d ago

Well there's already a lot of connectivity between the platforms. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a price drop sometime this and/or next year on the PS3(to $200-$250) and/or Vita(to $200) then a bundle with both for $400. It'd be a good strategy to preempt the Wii U if they find a way to give something similar plus two stand alone devices. The Wii U controllers probably going to be $100 though. It'll come with the console and be anywhere between $300-$500 depending on the cost to manufacture the system. It was described as a half step to the next generation by a Gearbox employee so I'd say $400.

Arnon2705d ago

No, the Wiimote uses a sensor bar. I've had official confimation from a Nintendo representative at my store that the Wii U will have screenless controllers specifically designed for the Wii U.

pixelsword2705d ago

I love it how when Carmack said the PS3 wasn't up to snuff to the 360, everyone disregarded the fact that Id's money was staked in PC/360 development in the respect that if he made a multiplatform game that the 360 would likely be the easiest to transfer to (like he did with quake 4 being 360 exclusive). Yet later on he had troubles making the game for the 360 because of disc size and decided to make the PS3 the console of choice to showcase the game at this E3...

Or that when Gabe Newell just didn't like the setup of the PS3's architecture plus the fact that Valve also made 360 exclusive games at the time, that when he said the PS3 sucked, it was taken as gospel. Later on of course he's making exclusive things for the PS3 that could have easily been done on the 360.

Yet, when a Naughty Dog developer who happens to work with the PS3 as a 1st party dev comments that the WiiU doesn't do anything that the PS3 or Vita doesn't do (not saying that it sucked or not up to snuff) his comments are instantly considered garbage.

Very rational thinking amongst gamers...

ConstipatedGorilla2705d ago

Well said, FatOldMan.

While ND may be correct in saying that, you have to consider the source.

Lykon2705d ago

the wii u is an amazing piece of hardware almost doubling the 64KB RAM of the wii and having several ground breaking digital input switch devices. A CAMERA that can sense between gradual increments of light and dark and two exclusive games confirmed including a remake of the fantastic Legend of Zelda. The unit contains several NAND gate chips replacing dozens of transistors allowing split second complex mathematical computations which will be used to full effect in a games cartridge with several kinds of simple maths tests which could help delay dementia in the elderly if used regularly. the possibilities are endless. A small high plastic wand used in conjunction with touch screen technology first seen in 1992 will miraculously combine the power of the DS with the wii/game cube. draw circles on a screen/pad that will appear on your tv screen, delighting the family. patented bio feedback ball bearing motion sensors allow you to swing the unit from side to side, burning calories and creating interesting coloured shapes on your tv screen. nothing compares. first day purchase

Jonah_Reese2705d ago

I wonder how many people actually read his comments, he didn't say anything offensive about the tech. As a matter of fact he acknowledged that it would probably do well. He's simply still on the fence about it. Same as anyone else who hasn't had their hands on it for an extended amount of time.

KingSlayer2705d ago

@ Arnon
Don't care what a retail rep has to say when they are distributing material showing otherwise.

Like this -

See the sensor bar on the TV? Now, show it to your rep.

MaxXAttaxX2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Wii U has a controller with a over-sized single-touch screen and motion sensor.

How is this even going to effectively work for core games without getting gimmicky? I want to keep the action on my TV screen and not have to look down at the controller to input random mini-game stuff.

All Nintendo has shown with that is that you can play mini/causal games on the screen or switch display from TV screen to controller screen. But you can't leave the room. It still uses a sensor bar -_-

Naughty Dog has made mention of IW and Bungie in more than one occasion in a positive manner.
They don't just talk shit for no reason. Besides, if you read the article, he still believes it'll do great and have awesome games.

Funny how Carmack and Gabe Newell say something negative about the PS3 it is taken as absolute fact and fanboys follwed it religiously.
Later they took it back and are making games on the PS3 as well including exclusive features such as Steamworks from Valve. Oops.

ND dude wasn't even dissing the Wii U.

forevercloud30002705d ago


and what exactly does the WiiU do that PS3+Vita can't? The answer would be nothing. PSV could very well stream what is going on on the screen to itself as did the remoteplay feature with PSP. Vita also has all the gizmo and gadgets as the WiiU controller and then some more. The only difference is that the Vita will be a seperate device that can leave the house and still be playing PS3 titles where the WiiU is confined to house or very close for that matter.

nolifeking2705d ago

Of course. Why take it at it's word, I mean first party devs all live in a bubble. Outside tech and practices never touch there delicate ecosystem.

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dangert122705d ago

To be honest i was let down by the wii you
I thought the controller looks like a big bulky
version of ps vita.

then i thought could sony do this with vita and the ps3?

yeah it may cost more for both console to be able to utilise such fuctions but i never believed the wii you had anything over vita and the ps3 except maybe graphics and i was going to get vita anyway so it would be cheaper then being the wii u which is not going to be cheap and does not play blurays or dvds =/

rexbolt2705d ago

the vita is thicker lol wii u remote is flat wth r u talken about the vita is the size of 2 dvd cases wonder howu can even consider that on the go

fatstarr2705d ago

looks deceive the wiiu controller feels nice and light and doesn't at all feel awkward.

the vita on the other hand looks awkward in some peoples hands.

BrutallyBlunt2705d ago

Cheaper for you. Anyone else planning on getting Vita and the Playstation 3 will be paying more than buying a Wii U. I also imagine one could buy a bluray player and a Wii U for less.

You pose a pretty weak argument especially given the fact Vita and PS3 cross platform functionality will be an OPTION. The Wii U will have this functionality used much more as the system was designed from the get go to act as one with the controller. The fact Sony cannot even get cross game chat working on the Playstation 3 speaks louder than anything you can argue.

hilyou2705d ago

the vita isnt thicker! the vita is 18mm thick which is actually 1mm thinner than da psp slim/2000. the wii u controller lokks way more thicker than that, its like 30mm.

pain777pas2705d ago

To all the haters... Did you have to buy 2 versions of a downloadable game on the PS3 for remote play? Answer... NO! Stop trolling. Sony did remote play first.

Fierce Musashi2705d ago

To pain777:
"Sony did remote play first."

Well actually..

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Hisiru2705d ago

Wow, they already have a devkit? Good to know.


BrutallyBlunt2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"Sony showed the same thing nintendo did @ E3 with the vita and PS3. "

No they didn't. All they showed was the ability to carry over your progression from playing on Vita onto the Playstation 3. Big deal. You will also likely have to buy two licenses for the game to be able to do that. The Wii U is integrated within the controller and acts as one unit. Apple devices can do the same thing that Vita and the Playstation 3 can.

The huge advantage of the Wii U is it will be completely incorporated from the get go. The install base will all have the ability to use these functions.

Naughty Dog won't be making Wii U games so why does anyone care about their opinion on the subject?

Yup, let the disagrees fly. Just goes to show who tries to run N4G and it ain't Nintendo fans. On the platform forums there are currently just over 13,000 posts for the Wii. One the PS3 forums there are over 275,000. Gee, I wonder why so many comments are pro-Sony.

hilyou2705d ago

true, but ur forgetting remote play! psp's remote play wasnt advanced, but the vita's is. so u could use the ps3 while someone is remote playing on da vita!

Just_The_Truth2705d ago

@levelhead ever heard of remote play? well it's been on the ps3 since day one and it allows you to stream music, videos, and games to your psp. The main problem though was that the ps3 was far superior to the psp, and it's lack of a second analog stick limited the type of game that could be streamed. Basically if you have a ps3 and psp you can already do what the wiiU is claiming to do. Check it out on youtube if you don't believe me.

DaTruth2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

So what do you say now that you have more agrees than disagrees?

Your argument is common sense and it doesn't matter what system you own, if you have common sense you should see that!

Looks like those with common sense "run this site";(I'm as surprised as anyone) Followed up closely by those without! Guess we can agree that those aren't Nintendo fans!

"On the platform forums there are currently just over 13,000 posts for the Wii. One the PS3 forums there are over 275,000. Gee, I wonder why so many comments are pro-Sony."

There are no videogame forums anywhere with more Wii fans than PS3 fans,(except maybe Everything Nintendo, which is probably a very lonely forum) because casuals don't follow videogame forums and core gamers do!

Edit: But nothing they said is untrue! There is nothing the WiiU is doing that PS3 and Vita cannot; they did not say how much they will be doing it on PS3-Vita, only that it is all possible! The idea is probably to say to those that already own a PS3: Wait, don't run out quick and get a WiiU, you may only need a Vita and your current console!

BrutallyBlunt2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


I used the Wii numbers since this topic is related to it and there is no Wii U forum on N4G yet. That's fine, want me to divulge further?

PC - 26,000
XBOX360 - 69,000
Mobile - 7,000

As we can see none of the other forums within N4G come even close to the activity level we see from Playstation 3 owners. It is why, and will continue to be why, most articles on N4G will have its comment section filled with pro-Sony activity. It really is as simple as that.

Ever notice how anyone who speaks out against the Playstation 3 or Sony even if it is true is often met with so many disagrees here? It is because of that lopsided activity among the Sony camp who reside on this site.

So to think we will EVER get a reasonable discussion on N4G is wishful thinking as bias will often over-ride any real debate.

These people think they are the hardcore crowd. The ones who are the true gamers that try and speak on behalf of all gamers. Luckily the real views are often at odds with this minority since it is the minority who even post on forums.

As for Vita doing what the Wii U can let's simply just look at the Move as a prime example. Is the Move being utilized by developers like the controller was on the Wii? No. The same thing will happen with Vita. Sony will want to charge consumers for a copy of the Vita version plus the Playstation 3 version. On the Wii U consumers will only have to buy the one version. This means the developers will take far more advantage of the Wii U's capabilities than trying to exploit Vita and the Playstation 3. Sony will also want to be very careful to treat Vita as a handheld device. They made the mistake with the PSP and treated it as a handheld console.

Everything Nintendo has talked about with the Wii U has been to do with the controller and how it is seamless with the actual system. They work in tandem. Vita is a handheld device first and foremost with the ability to interact with the Playstation 3. Just because Sony made the Playstation Move better than the Wii-Mote doesn't mean consumers benefited. You need software to go along with it and the Move simply doesn't have it. That is largely to how the Move is marketed and because the Move was not an integral part of the Playstation 3 and why it will continue to be treated as a peripheral.

montyburns0002705d ago

Well said LevelHead. i stopped trying to be a reasonable poster after seeing my other accounts de-bubbled and disagreed to oblivion. currently this is just a joke site for me to try and troll sonyfanboys. no point in even trying, serious gaming discussions are held elsewhere, like neogaf.

baodeus2705d ago

So in a sense, ND could be right that vita and ps3 can do what the wii U can.

The question is thought, it is affordable/practical to do so for developers to make similar games on wii u for 2 different devices (ps3 and vita) with cross functionality?

The ps3 and the vita combines would be one hefty price (even though i still don't know how much the wii u gonna cost) not to mention the vita compatibility with ps4 (which would cost even more possibly?). The amount of people owning both might not be as high as just one system.

These are the kinds of things to consider for game developers, even more so than just making the game.

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lelo2play2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"Naughty Dog: Nothing Wii U has that PS3 and Vita don't"

Wii U is one console.

PS3 and Vita are two consoles.

How the hell do they want to compare one console against two consoles. Naughty Dog should just STFU and make what they do best.... games.

EDIT: @theonlylolking
"Sony showed the same thing nintendo did @ E3 with the vita and PS3"

Like i said... Vita and PS3 are 2 consoles and the Wii U is one console.

theonlylolking2705d ago

Sony showed the same thing nintendo did @ E3 with the vita and PS3.

dangert122705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

they can compare what they want
especially if it is capable of doing the same thing.and even if its not

thats the problem with you guys any sort of difference and its incomparable on n4g

i compare swimming with football i prefer football

I compare two things to one

Apple crumble and custard and just apple pie i prefer apple pie and custard

don't supress possibilities in the end we only limit ourself

if sony never compared vita and the ps3 combo to wii u we would defo miss out on some quality idea's for gaming yet the are and i'm willing to bet we will see them on ps3/vita combo before to long

also yeah its too consoles but if you already have a ps3 which 50+ million people already do? it would be cheaper and more benifical just to add vita to its ranks then you got something when your out and about

do i care if its one or two consoles no i already have a ps3 and will only need to by vita which will be cheaper then the wii u

CrazyForGames2705d ago

you mean sony showed 2 different devices when COMBINED can do what nintendo did

i don't see how people are being so oblivious to that fact

there is a difference

fatstarr2705d ago

valid point

you will have to buy
the same game twice if you wanna do alt of functionality unless sony just says hey every game dev put in a piece of software so that the consumer can download it from their ps3 to psv to function like a wiiu

i dont see it happening but meh they enjoy wasting money and buying the same game twice
cheers for 2 copies of sports games just so you can use ngp as a controller.

baker_boi2705d ago


No, you'll prolly only have to buy one version of the game since they'll be downloadable.

I don't have to buy two versions of the PS1 classics to play them on my PS3 and PSP.

So why the hell would they then make you buy two games off the PSN when you can buy one download and have 1 game across both systems.

Mostly like when we get a PS3 x Vita game you'll prolly get a packet download like on steam. Once you buy the game you get the PC and MAC versions.

But a game that can be only played on Vita you won't have to even worry about it.

Now what Im wonderin is if every game really will be able to played on PS3 that's constructed for the Vita. Cause if they are More reason for me to buy that Vita.

Super HD at home, slightly HD on the go lol.

strickers2705d ago

50 million PS3s already out there and 0 WiiUs.
That's 50 million that need 1 console added to another than offers more flexibility.

The Vita can be played from anywhere.
The Vita screen is superior by miles.
The Vita has a huge chunk of it's own processing.
The vita has more control options and superior touchscreen.

Sony had more devs working on both systems having more total devs than Nintendo and MS put together.

Online is huge and Ninty are still an unknown on this front.
I've had 4 happy years on PSN(minus 1 shite month)

It's likely that Vita will be cheaper than WiiU and by a larger margin by the time WiiU hits.

Sony may have shown off many of WiiUs best features in actual games before it launches.

AWBrawler2705d ago


It's not just remote play I saw in the Wii U demo video. It was interactions with the touchsreen directly effecting the game, and games like Find me and Killer Freaks from out of space, and Ghost recon, seem to be able to benefit well from WiiU's control.

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XRider2705d ago

Sorry but I don't think Nintendo is going to let a Sony dev in to play Wii U.

TBM2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

i see this isnt sitting well with the Nintendo nation lol. Weren't there articles during/after E3 that said sony could technically do the same thing as wii u?

Rynx2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

It's very interesting to see people defend something on pure speculation alone.

First party or not obviously Naughty Dog has seen something that WE haven't about the Wii U.

Off the bat Nintendo execs revealed some shortcomings of the Wii U. Like how you can't use the the controller as a stand alone product. They said so themselves that you have to be in the same room with the console.

Even in the Wii U videos, all that I saw in the form of streaming straight to the controller was Wii games. I'm going to watch the videos again, but I have not seen an official Wii U full blown game streaming straight to the controller. Majority of the Wii U games shown were only the ever infamous tech demos.

I mean the only thing I've seen from the E3 presentation, outside of streaming regular Wii games to the controller (which is something that can be argued is the equivalent of what the PSP can do with remote play and PSOne games) is how the controller can add a different interface with it's game. So like a second screen to pick plays on a sports game, or to use as a scope for FPS, or to place the map on (something of which was promised as a feature between psp and PS3 connectivity, which I'm sure the Vita can deliver in).

The other thing people confuse is this year VS next year (which in when the Wii U will actually release). Every now and then some one wants to throw the combined price of the PS3 and Vita at THIS years prices like if somehow it's going end up more expensive than the Wii U at launch. Not taking into consideration an impending price drop for the PS3 and to a further stretch, a price drop for the PSV. They also don't take into consideration the price of the 3DS at launch done specifically to give Nintendo a higher profit. The 3DS could have launched a lot cheaper than what it did, but they're fine now as they will drop the price of that once the Vita hits. So who's to say that the Wii U (given the Wii's success) will launch at a higher price than it should be, just to give Nintendo an even bigger profit than they got with the Wii?

The Vita is a very powerful handheld, and devs has had a lot of time with it by now. Can the Wii U do more than the PS3+Vita combo? IMO, that E3 presentation isn't convincing me with those Wii games and Wii U tech demos.

BrutallyBlunt2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Nobody is denying Vita isn't a powerful device or price well. The argument is that Vita is not being marketed like the Wii U is. There will not be the same emphasis on unifying Vita with the Playstation 3 because not everyone will own both. As as I said above consumers will also be likely in need of two copies of the game. The Wii U is all about the controller and how it acts with the unit. Therefore the software will be taking far more advantage of this feature. We will see games like Tiger Woods that incorporate the controller within the game like we saw at the presentation. If they do the same with Vita and the Platstation 3 it will be more of a add-on feature like we see with Move support. It will not be treated as a core design.

GameTavern2705d ago

"I've only seen The Wii U stream Wii games... so it can only stream Wii games!"

How does that even work. We've seen it stream the Zelda HD demo both on the screen and on the controller.

Same deal with the bird tech demo.

Also we've seen it with Ghost Recon Online that it is able to stream live game play independent of your screen with the recon cam thing.

MysticStrummer2705d ago

@LevelHead - The argument has nothing to do with marketing. Naughty Dog is saying that there's nothing the Wii U can do that a PS3 and Vita combo can't do. I don't see how that can be argued at all. Vita could easily be used as a controller for a PS3 game without another copy of the game being required. That could also be done without the Vita itself being required to play the game. Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen, but for you to say it absolutely won't happen is silly. From where I'm sitting, the only thing Wii U has that PS3 and Vita don't is a pile of games I don't care about playing.

Andronix2705d ago

I love playing on my big TV, but sometimes you feel extra lazy and want to veg out in bed AND play your home console. The Wii U idea is great, I'd love it if I could play PS3 games the same way.

subtenko2705d ago

You people are in denial,lol he is right, there is nothing the WiiU can do that the ps3 and ps vita cant do

Vita = 100% portable
Wii U = u have to be in the same room as the console at all times for it to work.
(see that? You have to have two things with the WiiU, the console and the controller screen.. ps3, and ps vita, but ps vita you can go anywhere, thus ONE device there)

Bluray & DVD
PS3 = yes
Wii U = no

Capacitive multi touch screen
Vita = yes
Wii U = no (it has single touch/stylus screen)

Motion gaming, both have but ps3 uses the ps eye with the ps move, and the vita uses two camera. Also, the ps vita has a feature where u can use the ps move. So you can gaming on the ps vita with the ps move or with the videoout feature on a TV!)

The PS3 and psVita do more than the WiiU guys, those are all facts. Stop being in denial

Remember, if you agree or disagree, you know its the truth and you can agree with the truth unless "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

So agree or disagree if you agree :)

oldjadedgamer2705d ago

Wii U will have their own disk format that is based on BluRay. just saying.

Arnon2705d ago

Gee, you must have a Wii U already. Care to mention all of its features? I hope for your sake you know them now, since you confirmed it yourself that the Wii U has absolutely nothing that the PS3 and Vita don't.

WesMcLaren2705d ago


Wii optical discs are closer to CDs than bluray...

D0ffy2705d ago


He was not talking about the Wii, but he was talking about the Wii U. Know the difference.

What he says is completely true, it will be able to carry 25 GB on a single layer and that was confirmed.

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matey2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

the wiiu has graphics tech from the present AMD have said so naughty dog is dreaming if they think they can match graphics of wiiu with vita and ps3 the 3ds/wiiu is a much more powerful combo try 10x more powerful

Valve says hello and so does nintendo Zelda HD could not run on ps3 and that was early dev kits updated dev kits will blow the Zelda tech out of the water and make ps3 look old end of Virgil have already said on early dev kits in just 2 weeks they had graphics equal the top spec PC does ps3 even come close to top spec PC oh didnt think so wait would ever get a dev saying these things about ps3 no because the ps3 can just about manage 799p on BF3 at 30fps WiiU will have better textures on BF3 and 1080p and 60fps

Vita and ps3 couldnt make WiiU because the wiiu is a powerful up to date console with a CPU that makes 4 extreme gameplay at high frame rates ect and makes use of AMD's most up to date graphics engine look it up and 3DS is so far showing graphics that are equal to vita in my eyes just a more portable machine in full 3D

to think Nintendo are worries about selling controllers prob 4 about £79 ect but sony thinks we would by vitas 4 a very dubbed down version of wiiu yeah right its fair enough that the 3ds will work as another controller as its nintendo and they sell bucket loads of handhelds is there a market 4 full length console games on the go i mean sony have been stressing codemasters to make full races in F12011 and codemasters have clearly said its not a handheld ps3 final the 3ds version is meant to look amazing on the helmet cam who cares about vita when i will play full console games that vita can only dream of on wiiu oh ill play them also on the 6.2inch screen in my bed BF3 1080p/60fps in bed vita not a chance

IRetrouk2705d ago

i agree that the wiiu is gonna be a powerfull console, but the 3ds is not as powerfull as the vita, i own one, and no game on the 3ds looks as good as uncharted, i love my 3ds but i can be realistic.

x5exotic2705d ago

everything Vita has, Wii U doesn't

jadnice2705d ago

for the last time... its already proven and reported that the WiiU is more powerful...

At the end of the day its really Nintendo fault for letting this nonsense drag on. If they would officially put an end to this then individual like you would stop making silly statements like this.

NESpower2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

He is wrong. Wii U is a console in itself...not two consoles trying to be something just to sound cute on paper. He is right only in theory about the technology but how they work together won't be as seamless as Wii U nor as powerful. Wii U is on another level with this technology and PS3 is simply dated.

pixelsword2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Not really; still waiting for mah 256 player 1st person shooter w/720p graphics on the PC, 360, and (maybe/maybe not) the WiiU...

You see; technically, for something to be overall superior to something else, it has to exceed it in every conceivable way. It will take some serious math to get a 1080p/60fps game out of the PS3, but it has been done; so the Wii U is breaking no new ground.

Wait, or, maybe I'm wrong:

could someone show me the 256 or more 1st person shooter with 720p on the PC, 360, or Wii U (as a line-up, of course)?


Show me up?




TyrionL2704d ago

Well Pixy you may have had a point if the 256 player game you're referring to wasn't complete garbage. Good luck finding a match that even has the full 256 these days as well. The player count doesn't make a game good, and I would rather play Halo all day long in 5 on 5 matches that MAG any day of the week. Also the player count has more to do with the servers than it does with the console. BTW FF11 on 360 supports 1000's of players at a time, so if that’s all you go by it blows MAG out of the water. (BTW I do realize you said FPS, but if you are going to make the rules to suit your argument, then so am I)

princejb1342704d ago

besides the touch screen controller i agree theres nothing the wii u haves ps3 dont already have, unless vita can connect to the ps3 and use the vita as a ps3 controller which would be awesome

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BeastlyRig2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

They are sony fanboys of course..

Nothing Wii U has that PS3 and Vita don't ?

I want Zelda HD, Mario wiiU & Smash Bros damn it & 1080p!

You can flame me in defense of you Naughty gods now.. I don't care..

To be fair this would mean Nothing Ps3 & Vita has that WiiU don't..

blusoops2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Vita = 100% portable
Wii U = u have to be in the same room as the console at all times for it to work.

Bluray & DVD
PS3 = yes
Wii U = no

Capacitive multi touch screen
Vita = yes
Wii U = no (it has single touch/stylus screen)

Edit: not agreeing 100% w ND here but simply stating there are a few things ps3/vita has that wii u won't, and vice versa.

No doubt Wii u will have slightly better graphics than current gen consoles.

Hisiru2705d ago

Duuuuuh! Wii U is a console and not a portable. If you want a portable you should buy a PSP/DS/Vita/3DS.

Getowned2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The Wii U is not a handheld buddy xD it may share simularities but it's not,it is a console.


"Why would u want to play on the 6" screen when u HAVE TO be in the same room"

was the range confirmed yet i don't remeber reading any thing about it being confermed but it sounds like a great idea and as gamers we hog up the tv 99% of the time so it would be a excellent feature to take the game to the controller and freeing up the tv to you're family once in a while.the screen is bigger then most handheld screens too so it's not going to be that bad you seen how it worked in nintendo's E3 conferance,the tech is very very intresting indeed(see video).