Tales Of Xillia Scan Reveal New Character

Check out Tales Of Xillia scan from the latest issue of young jump.

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RedDragan2657d ago

Yay! It is another disturbingly young looking girl! How awesome!


NewMonday2657d ago

its a guy, and in Japan he is considered middle aged

RedDragan2653d ago

That pic at the top of this page is a bloke? Wow...

CLOUD19832657d ago

I am 100% sure that it's not a girl, probably u don't watch many anime me on the other hand after I have see over 300 anime I have learn to recognize males from females and this new char is definitely a guy.

RedDragan2653d ago

I am talking about the thumb nail pic on this page. I won't even watch something that encourages kiddy pr0n.