Power Struggle at Sony Computer Entertainment?

Late last week, Kotaku ran a rumor that said Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Technical Officer Izumi Kawanishi had been shuffled out of SCEI and is now working for Sony Corporate. Kotaku contacted Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe. All refused to comment. Odd, because this seems something that could be addressed rather easily if Kawanishi was still at the company. Since Kawanishi had worked on the PS2, the PSP and the PS3, he was obviously a key team member and important to SCEI's past successes.

Kotaku have gotten more details from insiders about the power struggle that supposedly went down.

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Rikitatsu4001d ago

enough of this $hit !!!!!!

mirroredderorrim4001d ago

Thus ends another story in the series we come to know and love, called "As the Industry Turns".

shodown194001d ago

And back to the games please.....

Lord Anubis4001d ago

Power struggle?

that's not the case here, but the same cannot be said with other members who share a different vision.

IntelligentAj4001d ago

"Released a Rumor" these words speak volumes about the entire article. Ignore this.