PowerUp Heroes Hands-On - WorthPlaying

WorthPlaying writes, "Before the Kinect premiered, the idea of a motion-based fighting game sounded pretty cool. Then Fighters Uncaged hit store shelves last fall, and motion-based fighting wasn't so cool. Though it looked decent, the controls suffered from noticeable input lag. More recently, THQ took a stab at a kid-friendly Kinect fighting game with Kung-Fu Panda 2, and the result was basic, but much more responsive. Then there is the Ubisoft-published Child of Eden, which arguably sports the most responsive Kinect controls to date. Suddenly, it looks like a proper Kinect-based fighting game may not be that far-fetched. Ubisoft wants PowerUp Heroes to be that fighting game."

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Bigpappy2646d ago

Nice! I hope they get this right.