Ace Combat Assault Horizon Multiplayer Detailed

Namco Bandai revealed the multiplayer mode that will be featured in the upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

Up to 16 players will be able to take part in the “Capital City Battle” mode, in which they will compete in the skies over Wasinghton, Paris, Dubai and Miami. The players, split in two teams, will have to aim for the destruction of the enemy headquarters in order to win the match.

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ainsz2655d ago

Sounds good, but is this the only multiplayer mode?

Abriael2655d ago

Nothing else has been said about other modes. So either it's the only one, or they're not ready to talk about the others yet.

metsgaming2655d ago

they have competitive MP but not COOP?? Make no sense this type of game is much better suited for coop because in competitive everyone will just be flying in circles around everyone. They better have a COOP mode.

DA_SHREDDER2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I used to love this series, till they sold out on the brand it started on, and ended up as a 360 exclusive for the past 6 years. Ace Combat, whats that??

Edit: Sorry Simco, I can't feel sorry for a company that forgot where they came from. Especially when there were 4 Ace Combats on the ps2.

Simco8762655d ago

You can't blame a company when they get a phat check from Microsoft. Just be glad it's back and it looks amazing!

maniacmayhem2655d ago

That is a hilariously stupid comment.

Abriael2655d ago

That's why i always get all consoles. Helps me not feeling bitter about exclusives (that, and I have a brain too :P)

Dlacy13g2655d ago

I am humbly here to take some lumps. I have never been a fan of the Ace Combat Story line... and in the past it seemed the multiplayer portions of the game was the same thing over and over.... So I was pretty sour on this game. Wasn't expecting much when I heard it announced...figured it would be akin to Dynasty Warriors... same game new paint.

But I must say every new piece of news on this game has me getting more and more interested to the point that I think this game will be on my buy list. I truly hope this game lives up to the promise we are seeing.

Abriael2655d ago

Multiplayer was present in only one chapter of the series, and it was at the very beginning of this generation. It's normal that it wasn't the best ever.

In any case the single player story has always been the strong point of the ace combat series.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2655d ago

Never a fan of any AC storyline? Not even 5, 0 or the incredible 4? Wow, you must hate videogame storylines or just have really poor taste in general.

Dlacy13g2655d ago

WOW... talk about not pulling any punches. I am sorry if I didn't care for the overly dramatic Anime infused storylines nor the over the top voice work.

See this wonderful peice of work as a prime example of how not to do story in a game:

or maybe you think this is awesome?

I am more a fan of a more Westernized storyline. I would take a COD storyline over AC drivel any day.

That said, I am interested in this game. Not holding my breath for the story but the multiplayer certainly seems to be robust enough that I could look past it if it holds tradition with the others.